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Unregistered Vehicle

Question David asked: A Pinellas Co Sheriff gave me this ticket. A lawyer wants $500 to have it dismissed or pled down to a civil fine (will know tomorrow-( 1-30- 2014) Tried many other avenues for legal help-V.A., Poverty legal

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Tao eBike?

Question Mark asked: The Tao Tao ATE 501 has functioning pedals and an electric motor. The specifications show that the motor has a top speed of 20 mph. Would this model be considered a bicycle with no license required since

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ID Required While Cycling?

Question Tanya asked:  Does the law require you to have/ carry your ID or license when riding a bike as an adult? The web site states same laws and rules as a driver… Is this included?

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Bikes with Gas Assist Motors – Something New!!

Question Heard of Something New asked: I heard someone, just recently, got a letter from the DMV that said adding a gas motor on a bicycle, still keeps it a bicycle. So how can it not be allowed on public

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Motorized Disability Access Vehicle

Question Shawn asked: Are motorized bicycles considered a mobility device under ADA language about other mobility devices if you are disabled?

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Motorized Bicycles

Question David asked: A bicycle with a small electric motor that does not go over 20 mph does not require a driver’s license or any other type of license. Is this correct?

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Motorized Bicycle Age

Question Steven asked:  What is the penalty for someone driving a motorized bicycle in Florida and they are less than 16 years old?

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Driver’s License 3

Question Duke asked: Do you have to have a driver’s license to drive a bicycle with a small engine?

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Motor Scooters

Question Walter asked: In the state of Florida do you need a special license for operating a gas scooter or will a valid drivers license be ok?

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Bicycle Equipment

Question How many bicycle citations can officer can handout at the same time?  Four tickets were given to me: bike/brake/non/improper & bike/fail to ride right hand curb & front and rear light I read that a person on bicycle can’t

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