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Pedestrians in Bike Lanes

Question Susan asked: I ride my bike early in the morning prior to and around daylight. There is a male pedestrian who insists on using the bike lane rather than the sidewalk. Who has the right of way?

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Bike Path Crosswalk

Question Harry asked: Recently the city of Inverness, FL redesigned a major crossing of the Withlacoochee State Trail which I fear has increased the danger for trail users who are attempting to cross N Apopka Ave. I’m hoping you can

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Bicycles in Crosswalks

Question Herta asked: If a bicycle is on the sidewalk on a right of way and crosses an intersection with a car coming out of a side street with a stop sign, who goes first, the bicycle or the car

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Authorized Vehicles Only

Question Doreen asked: I live in Nokomis, FL and want to ride my bike to Honore Ave. where Honore meets Hwy 681. Honore is the best road to take through south Sarasota. (The Legacy Trail is often crowded with pedestrians

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Bike Path Stop Signs

Question Jeanne asked:  Is it required that you stop at the posted stop signs on the bike paths if no one is coming? Is this considered a moving violation?  Some of the stop signs on the path off Hwy 70

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Right Turn Only Lanes

Question Nathan asked: You’ve said that FDOT no longer uses undesignated bike lanes. Is this why I’ve been recently seeing bike lanes that exist only to the left of right-turn lanes, and revert to shoulder before and after (forcing a

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Shoulder Marked as a Bike Lane

Question Nathan asked:  Are you required to use a shoulder that is marked as a bike lane? For example:,-82.228471&spn=0.008296,0.016512&gl=us&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=29.684345,-82.228663&panoid=hnjR0kHKenOb_aRjkq9rSQ&cbp=12,248.86,,0,0.09 This is obviously a shoulder, yet a sign says BIKE LANE BEGINS. (Incidentally, there’s a share the road sign just

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No Jogging?

Question Nathan asked:  Is it legal to post signs and prohibit jogging along (both sides of) a public road?

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Right of Way on Bike Paths

Question Pete asked:  There is a multi-use trail that places stop or yield signs facing trail users where the trail crosses roads or entrances into business, and the crosswalks are marked. While riding recently, we approached one of the yield

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Right Turn Lane – Yield to Bikes

Question Joe asked: After repaving, the FDOT is intent on removing about 30% of the existing “RIGHT TURN YIELD TO BICYCLES”, signs that have been protecting bicyclists on Long Boat Key for many years.  Some non-bicyclists say there are too

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