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Bicycles with Gas Assist Motors

Question GM asked the FHP: Can a bicycle with a gas assist motor be operated legally on Florida roadways?

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Bicycles on the Sidewalk

Question Ronald asked: Does it mean that I am legally allowed to use an eBike on a bike path or a sidewalk if I am just manually pedaling it?

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Question Michael asked: Does a Geo bike have to be registered and do you have to have an operator’s license to ride one on Florin Road.

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Unregistered Vehicle

Question David asked: A Pinellas Co Sheriff gave me this ticket. A lawyer wants $500 to have it dismissed or pled down to a civil fine (will know tomorrow-( 1-30- 2014) Tried many other avenues for legal help-V.A., Poverty legal

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Tao eBike?

Question Mark asked: The Tao Tao ATE 501 has functioning pedals and an electric motor. The specifications show that the motor has a top speed of 20 mph. Would this model be considered a bicycle with no license required since

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eBike in a Bike Lane

Question SpecialFX asked: I was pulled over by a sheriff riding my electric bicycle (it is legally an ebike).   He told me that I was not allowed to ride it under power in the bicycle lane. He told me it’s

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Age Limit for eBikes

Question Jackie asked: My grandchild, aged 11, received an electric bike for Christmas and I wonder if she needs a driver’s license and anything else. I saw her on the road by her home with it and it scared me

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Motorcycle in the Bike Lane

Question Kirby in MN asked: My head is spinning looking into the very ambiguous Florida bike /bike lane statutes. Maybe you could find this quicker with your experience with FL statutes.  If I was a Florida cop and saw a

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Placement of Feet on an eBike

Question Brian asked: Do I have to use the pedals on my ebike in Fl? Do I have to keep my feet on the pedals while using the ebike motor? It is uncomfortable.

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Gas Motors on bicycles #26?

Question Steve asked: Do you have to have a license to ride a bike with a gas motor in Ocala, Florida?

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