Stolen Bikes

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Bikes in Apartments

Question Carol asked: Recently my apartment manager said no bikes in apartments and since then my bike wheel was stolen and neighbor has his bike stolen.  Are there any laws that can help me be able to bring it inside

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Bicycle Storage

Question Marcelo asked:  I have my bicycle in the storage room of a condominium.  Someone broke my bike twice last year while it was inside the storage. I e-mailed the condominium administrator asking to do something, but she said that

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Stolen Bikes 2

Question Victoria asked:  My 22-year old son works in a restaurant.  He works different shifts, one night he was asked to work but he was not scheduled. That night, someone stole his bike, which was chained up.  My son did

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Stolen Bikes

Question Deborah asked:  Two weeks ago someone stole my bicycle from my porch in Seminole Heights.  I cannot report it missing because I cannot even prove that the bike is mine because I bought it used off of Craig’s list.

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