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Marcelo asked:  I have my bicycle in the storage room of a condominium.  Someone broke my bike twice last year while it was inside the storage. I e-mailed the condominium administrator asking to do something, but she said that they can not do anything for me and if I’m unsatisfied with that, I should take my bicycles to my condo.  Is this legal, what responsibilities a condominium have with our bicycles?


There is no specific statute that addresses this.  You always have the option of reporting the incident to the police if you believe a criminal act has resulted in the damage.  The responsibilities of the condominium are laid out in the official documents you signed.  You should read them carefully.  My guess is that there is a provision that says they are not responsible for articles in the shared storage area.

There are statutes that deal with the operations of condominiums, but they are not within the scope of this site.  This is likely a civil matter and you should contact an attorney to determine any liability on the part of the condominium.

You may want to check with your insurance company to see if this damage is covered under your policy.

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