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Bells and Horns on Bikes

Question David asked: Are bikes required to have bells or horns. It only seems logical that they have either in order to warn pedestrians when approaching them, especially from the rear. I believe cars are required to have horns. If

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Driver’s License Required?

Question Ben asked: Would I need a licence to travel on a gas powered bicycle that goes 45mph for private use only. I will not be delivering pizza’s or newspapers just going from one place to the other enjoying the

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Question Dave asked: Do you need a bicycle license or permit to ride your bicycle in Florida? If so where do you obtain them?

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Bike Lights and Paved Shoulders

Question Jeremiah asked: I need to ride a bike to work. There is not a sidewalk to ride on along the highway to or from my home and work. Since I have to ride on the shoulder, do I have

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Riding Against the Flow of Traffic

Question James asked: Is it illegal to ride a bicycle against the flow of traffic down a one-way street in Florida?

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Making a Right Turn Across a Bike Lane

Question Myriam asked: If I am driving down sunset street and there is a bicycle path to my right and I need to make a right turn on 137th avenue, do I turn right from my lane, or do I

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Bicycle on Private Property

Question Theresa asked: Do cycles need to stop before making right lane turn. On private property that has a stop sign. When a car is at the stop sign and cycles comes up on the car who has right way?

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Motorized Bike Power Rating

Question Rafael asked: An e-bike store owner informed me that all e-bikes sold after January 2017 must be engraved with the wattage and rating of the electric motor–looking for verification as I can not find any information on this in

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Crash in a Crosswalk

Question Kirsten asked: My friend and her husband got hit by a woman in a car, while they were on their bikes in a crosswalk. No one was injured but their bikes got messed up. The woman who hit them,

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Bicycle Groups and Bike Lanes

Question Elizabeth asked: Every weekend there are cyclists that gather in large numbers. They clump together spilling out of the bike lane and blocking at least half of the road. This requires vehicles to drive at a snails pace until

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