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Sidewalk Bicyclists at Crosswalks

Question Traci asked: If a bicyclist is riding on the sidewalk and comes to a crosswalk are they required to stop or yield before proceeding across the road?

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Left Turn Crash

Question Craig asked: I was recently in Deerfield traveling south in a lefthand turn lane to make a left turn. Northbound Traffic was backed up quite a bit and a large truck stopped to make way for me to make

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Electric Scooter

Question Constance asked: I recently bought a electric scooter because I got my license taken away after eye surgery I have 20/20 in my other eye but they still won’t give me a drivers license I live alone and I

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Classes of eBikes

Question Denis asked:  I read the different classes for evoke in Florida 1, 2 and 3.  I see people with bikes that have throttle and pedalec combined in the bike lanes all the time. I was under the impression throttle

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Sidewalk Cycling in Charlotte County

Question Crystal asked: Is it legal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in Charlotte County? And if so do I go with traffic or can I go against traffic. I’m uncomfortable being in the bike lane on the road,

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Bicycle or Motorcycle?

Question Jose asked: I’m currently undergoing a purchase of an electric bicycle from China. Specifically 5000w/motor with a 72 60AH lithium battery. I know it would be considered a motorcycle because the excessive speed but It contains a speed limiter

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Bicycle Lights at Night on Private Roads

Question Susan asked: Kris at Trek bicycle store said it was illegal to ride a bicycle with out lights. Even in the daytime. We live in a gated community and she knew that. Only ride in the community not on

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Why are Gas Bikes and eBikes Different Legally?

Question Maylinn asked: I’m just curious what is the difference in the gas powered under 49cc bicycle motor assist and the electric one if everything on the bike works the same besides it being gas powered or electric? Another question

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Groups of Cyclists Impeding Other Traffic

Question Anonymous asked: Maybe I’m completely wrong. Saturday, 7/28/18, about 8:30 am, my wife and I were travelling to Leesburg from Orlando. We took County Road 455 as a scenic route on our journey. The portion between The West Orange

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Dashed Bike Lane Lines

Question Herman asked: Why does the line that separates a bike lane from the travel lane turn to dashed at an intersection?

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