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Laws Applicable to Bicycles

Question Mike asked:  Given the law defines a bicycle as a road vehicle and its operator as a driver, do the same equipment standards (per FL DMV Handbook or perhaps, FL statue) apply to bicycles. It seems to me it


Question Paul asked:  I was stopped by a cop for running a red on my bike. No cars anywhere nearby! Anyway, will this result in points on my Florida license? How can I avoid that if this is the case?

Electric Bicycles

Question Samuel asked:  Can I ride my class 3 ebike off road, like in the grass far from traffic, or out in nature? Answer The statute allows electric bicycles anywhere that bicycles are allowed. s. 316.20655 – Electric Bicycle Regulations

Bicycling Across a Bridge

Question Susan asked:  Is legal to ride road bikes across bridges, specifically on the Manatee and Cortez bridges from Bradenton to Anna Maria Island? The pedestrian lanes seem narrow and people walk and ride casual bikes on them in random

Pretrial Motion to Dismiss

Question James asked:  I had a 32 year Veteran policeman pull me over for blinking lights on my bicycle. This is perfectly legal. He would not look up the statute after I asked him three times. I told him to

Gate Sensors

Question Paul asked: Our community had a sensor to actuate the gate. It has been deactivated and the gate installer is saying that the sensor is against Florida law. Is this true? Answer This site is to discuss traffic laws about

Adding Bike Lanes

Question Lawrence asked:  My community main roadway has 2 lanes 20 ft one in each direction divided by a physical center median. We would like to install a 4 ft bike lane in each direction. Is there any permission we need

Three Feet

Question Brian asked:  What is the Florida State Law needed distance between vehicle and Bicycle for a vehicle to pass them? Answer Please see this post.

Parking on Sidewalk

Question Jessica asked:  I was riding my bike on the sidewalk and a large van was parked illegally blocking my path of the sidewalk. I drove off into the grass to go around the vehicle. The sidewalk and the ground were

Purple Lights

Question Matthew asked:  I got a good deal on some purple LED’s (guess it’s not a popular color). Can I legally use these on the rear and rear sides of a bicycle in Florida?  Answer The purple lights can be used