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Legal Advice

Question Wally asked: If I loan my bicycle to another capable adult and he/she has an accident…..whether their fault or not……am I liable……since I own the bike?

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Question George asked: We want to ride and camp along route 98 to Tampa. Can we camp along the road in suitable areas when no campsites are available?

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Direction on a Sidewalk

Question Robert asked: When sharing the sidewalks with bikers, do I walk against or with the traffic?

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Eye Protection

Question Ken asked: Is there any FL statute covering wearing eye protection on a bicycle when going fast? Officers are sometimes stopping people when riding an electric bicycle at like 20 mph warning of bug strikes that could cause them

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Motorized Recumbent

Question John asked: The law says that an electric bike “The term does not include such a vehicle with a seat height of no more than 25 inches from the ground when the seat is adjusted to its highest position”

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Maximum Bicycle Height

Question Austin asked: How tall can a bike be before you cannot use it on roads/sidewalks?

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Motorized Wheelchair on the Sidewalk

Question Don asked: What about operating an Electric motorized wheelchair on a sidewalk down a state route in Florida?

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Group Cyclists

Question Tracy asked: Is it legal for group cyclists to take up every lane and keep motorized vehicles from passing?

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Question Arianne asked: If people can’t ride an electric scooter that is only 10 mph on a side walk but can’t ride it on side of road either then how is it allowed that they can even be sold? Some

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Stop Signs Facing Bike Paths

Question Will asked: Living in central Florida give me the chance to ride some of the best Rail Trails in the USA. So many bike friendly towns in FL have wonderful signage to protect bike riders at marked crosswalks. Sanibel

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