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Driving on the Left Side of a Four-Lane Roadway

Question Scott asked: Are there any statutes or exceptions for the following scenario?  Bicycle driver riding on left side of road, two lanes in each direction, no bike lane or curb. The reason on left side of road was she

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Handicap Mobility Scooter

Question Dennis asked: Can you drive a handicap mobility scooter on Florida roads and highways, or a golf course community road. Can you drive a handicap mobility scooter at night? 

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Bicycles in Ft. Lauderdale

Question Shannon asked: Is a biker required to use a bike lane even if they do not feel it is safe? For example, in Fort Lauderdale, there is a bike lane going over the 17th street causeway. There is also

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Pedestrian Rights on a Sidewalk

Question Cheryl asked: Living on Harbor Blvd has proved a challenge through the years. I have two dogs that I walk twice a day. There have been many bicyclists who insist on riding the sidewalk. Most of the time this

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Recumbent Drivers’ Rights and Duties

Question Jeremy asked: What laws are different for a tricycle (I have a recumbent tadpole-style, not electric) than for a bicycle?

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Motorcycles Passing Bicycles?

Question Kathryn asked: Does someone on a motorcycle have to give a cyclist 3 feet like cars do? Also is the state’s 3 foot law applicable on a military base?

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Driver’s License and Registration Required?

Question Dave asked: I’m a Senior and just bought a bicycle to ride. I see LOTS of information here about every other kind of bicycle-type vehicle, but I can’t easily find any information regarding whether or not you must have

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Height of eBike

Question Dorothy asked: Is there a height restriction on the use of the electric bike?

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Lights Too Bright?

Question Paul asked: What’s the brightest in lumens my light can be? Just got a one that’s 8000 lumens and it seems to be too bright.

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Question Dean asked: Is an e bike with the following specs legal in the state of Florida: 500 w motor, fully operational pedals – bike can be manually operated, no pedal assist, Class 2 throttle, top speed 20 mph. The

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