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Private Roads

Question Patricia asked:  I am in a private FL RV resort with one way direction of paved streets not all having sidewalks. I saw an elderly lady moving along on her mobility scooter. She was directed that she had to travel

Flashing Bicycle Lights

Question Dave asked:  I use a front white flashing light as a daytime running light.  Do state/city rules prohibit flashing white lights after dark?  (I also have flashing amber side lights and red rear lights) Answer Bicycles can be equipped with lights in

Officer Says Stop!

Question Jeff asked:  Officer ____ tasered a bicycle rider who failed to obey the officer’s command to stop. The incident started when the bicycle rider popped a wheelie through an intersection in front of the patrol car. “In response to the

E-Bikes on Trails

Question Laura asked:  Are we allowed to ride e-bikes (class 1) on trails in FloridaIs an e bike classified as a bike or a motor vehicle in Florida Answer Please see this post.

Roadway Debris

Question Howard asked:  In the North, property owners may be legally liable for ice and snow on the sidewalk in front of their property if someone slips and falls. Are property owners in Florida liable if gravel, sand or dirt from

E-Bikes legal?

Question Sean asked:  I was gifted a e-scooter and haven’t been able to ride because I’m unfamiliar with the rules and whatnot. I was told that they’re banned. Is this true? Answer The following are the applicable laws which permit the

With or Against Traffic?

Question Robin asked:  Is there a law re: whether a cyclist rides with or against traffic? Answer A bicyclist is operating a vehicle and must follow the same laws as other drivers except as noted in the Bicycle Regulations.  Please see this

Is a Bicyclist on a Sidewalk a Pedestrian?

Question SO asked:  I understand that a bicyclist is a pedestrian when on a sidewalk.  Is that correct? Answer No.  A bicyclist on the sidewalk is not a pedestrian but has the same rights and duties as a pedestrian under the same circumstances.


Question Ron asked:  Can I wear ear buds while cycling in Florida? If not, are Bluetooth speakers permitted? Answer The only applicable statute is in this post.

Electric Trike

Question Ulf asked:  What is the maximum size allowed on an electric trike in Pinellas County, Fla.? Answer There is no size restriction on motorized scooters in state law. s.316.003 – Definitions (45) Motorized Scooter – Any vehicle or micromobility device