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Direction of Travel Private Property

Question Linda asked: The BOD just passed that residents could ride their bicycles toward traffic in our community that is considered private property.  Question is, we have lots of traffic from vendors such as UPS, Fed Ex, electricians, plumbers, builders

Motorized Scooter

Question Elizabeth asked:  48 volt/700 watt e-scoot?  Does a person need a license or license plate for this type of machine? The dealer clams neither is required, no pedals, 20MPH on flat surface. Thank you for any help. This is

Quadricycle and Rights and Duties

Question Steve asked: Do y’all think it would be a good idea to have the law changed to specifically define quadricycles as bicycles so that they can be legally ridden like any other bicycle?

Sidewalk Cycling in Marathon

Question Tom asked: In Marathon, Fl sheriff deputies have been issuing warnings to bicyclist for traveling on the sidewalk against the direction of traffic. I can find no ordinance to support their position. Am I missing something?


Question Michael asked: Due to a recent accident our club is reviewing safety on club rides. The club may require ride leaders and sweeps to carry and use whistles. I have doubts as to whether this is legal, having read

Sidewalk/Roadway Rights and Duties

Question Phillip asked: My understanding is in Florida that if I ride my bike on the sidewalk I am considered a pedestrian for all practical purposes. If I am on the sidewalk and come to a red light, can I

Two Abreast in Key West

Question Tom asked: Is it lawful to ride two abreast on narrow Key West two-way (One lane each way) streets?

Riding Abreast

Question Keegan asked: My brother has been to worlds for triathalons for the past 3 years and we both have had question about his training and we haven’t been able to find answers to them for a long time…he trains

Bike Lane Card on Window

Question Howard asked: Can you place a card stating it is” illegal to park in bike lane” on windshield of car that is parked in the bike lane?

Max Power for a Bicycle

Question Dalton asked: Are there restrictions on what size of engine you can put on a bicycle or tricycle?