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Power Generated by a Bicycle

Question Joel asked: Does a bicycle have to be a direct pedal drive to be a bicycle? Or can you pedal to generate electricity to power an electric motor, accessories, and charge batteries? Answer As long as the bicycle meets

Road Closed to Bicycles

Question Larry asked: Re the following – does this apply to highway ENTRANCES and EXITS, e.g. ACCESS roads that are NOT the highway? I ride my bike to work, and there is about ONE mile between bike lanes, including an

Riding Abreast with a Motorcycle

Question Darius asked: Since both motorcycles (including motor scooters) and bicycles can legally share a lane (not split in-between lanes), if I am riding at the same speed as traffic that is slow enough (for example, traffic is only going

Authority to Block Bike Lane

Question Ashley asked: Today I was riding my bicycle in the bike lane down a busy, one way street. The street consists of two lanes and one bike lane. Police had blocked off the lane nearest to the bike lane

Bikes on I-95

Question Patricia asked: Is it illegal to ride my bicycle down the side of 95? Answer Riding a bicycle on any part of the right of way of I-95 is not lawful except as indicated in the statute. Signs should

Pharmacy Window

Question Carl asked:  On June 11,2019, I cycled up to the drive in window at the pharmacy.  The pharmacist assistant came to the window and ask if there was a motor on the bicycle.  I responded “no”. He then told me

Bicycle Identification

Question Michael asked: Am I legally obligated or required produce or show my bicycle’s identification and/or serial number to a law enforcement officer if detained/”pulled over” for a bicycle violation? I understand I will be required to identify myself. Answer


Question Bob asked: Helmets are required for 16 and under, Florida state law. Are helmet requirements different in Sumter County, Florida? (Personally think helmets for everyone, motorcycle and bike.) Answer You are almost correct about helmets.  The wording is actually

Bicycles on Beaches

Question Lisa asked: Can you ride a bike on any beach in Florida? Answer There is no statute that prohibits riding on a beach in Florida.  There may be local ordinances that restrict access to certain places by bicyclists.  You

Bicycle Crash in a Crosswalk

Question Natalie asked: If a cyclist is riding their bike down a sidewalk and crosses a side street are they considered to have the same rights as motorists or as pedestrians? A cyclist was possibly hit while crossing a side