Overtaking and passing

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No-Passing Zones

Question Kevin asked: One of the roads that I travel to work is frequented by bicycles.  Sometimes they are two abreast, and sometimes there are many traveling in a single file.  This road has curves in some areas, and double

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Wide Load Bike?

Question Kevin asked: Can we attach a horizontal flag to the rear of the bike to keep motor vehicles away? I put a 3 foot long, 1/8th inch wooden dowel with an orange pendant attached to my rear rack, sticking

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Sharrows and BMUFL Signs

Question Susan asked: I am researching Sharrows to create a report on their efficacy for the Philadelphia streets department. The Department has asked us to create criteria and a publicity campaign. I noticed reference to your citing “state statutes and

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Right of Way Leaving a Roadway

Question Vitaly asked: I have 2 questions. 1st. is in regards to statue s. 316.125 where it says that as a driver entering a highway we have to yield to pedestrians and bicycles, but there is no statue if we

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Passing Within a Bike Lane

Question Dennis asked: What is the correct method of passing another cyclists in a marked bike lane?  To me it makes sense to announce “Passing on left” and simply pass outside the marked bike lane using the regular roadway. Of

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Exclusive or Preferential

Question Jeff asked:  I’m having a technical discussion with someone over who may use a bicycle lane.  I believe a bicycle lane is a preferential lane for bicycles as opposed to an exclusive lane for bicycles. The definition is important.

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Rude Bicyclist or Rude Motorist?

Question C asked:  Today it was raining as I was driving down University Blvd in Orlando. The speed limit was 45 miles per hour. Directly in front of me in the middle of the lane was a bicyclist riding at

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Two Abreast Impeding Traffic

Question Michael asked:  I recently received a ticket for riding two abreast and impeding traffic on A1A.  The traffic lane is 10′ 2″ with a 3 ft paved shoulder.  I want to contest the ticket based on the 316.2065 substandard

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Passing Slower Traffic

Question Ette asked:  If a cyclist wants to make a left turn from the left turn lane, and straight traffic on the left is slow, may the cyclist pass the traffic on the left to get access to the turn

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Crash Report

Question Alex asked: I was riding in a marked bicycle lane when a vehicle made a right turn through me. I was already at the hospital by the time the police officer arrived at the accident site. The driver of

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