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Condo Rules

Question Nancy asked: I have a velomobile, which doesn’t seem to fit any of the definitions I’ve seen in FL law.  My condo association is trying to ‘outlaw’ my velo from its duly named ‘Bicycle Storage’ areas.  Apart from condo

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Gated Community Gates

Question John asked: I live in a gated community.  When I cycle to and from work, I will open the gate from on my bike and ride on the street through the gate. I am being told that I am

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Gated Community Roadway

Question Nathan asked: When are you allowed to enter a gated community on a bike for the purpose of exercise or cutting through? In particular, can you enter in the following situations? (a) The normal “car” gate is in the

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Bicycle Facilities on Private Roads

Question Joe asked: I live in an over-55 mobile home park community, and was recently elected to the homeowners association board of directors.  A resident who uses a “hoveround” powered chair has expressed concern that when she rides her chair

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Bicycles on Private Roads

Question Christy asked:  We live in a townhouse-style condominium. The president of our association recently told us that our kids are not allowed to ride their bicycles and scooters in the courtyard. (Two of our kids are too small to

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