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Passing Slower Traffic

Question Ette asked:  If a cyclist wants to make a left turn from the left turn lane, and straight traffic on the left is slow, may the cyclist pass the traffic on the left to get access to the turn

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Crosswalks and Turning Vehicles

Question Debbie asked:  I was riding on a sidewalk/bike path.  Headed west had green at intersection.  A car headed east had a green light and was stopped in left lane, then turned left.  I caught her out of the corner

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Left Turn by Bicyclist (More)

Question D. asked:  I was reading about the question about a bicyclist turning left from near the center on a rural two lane without signaling.  http://flbikelaw.org/2010/03/left-turn-by-bicyclist/ However, what if the bicyclist is in fact signaling for a left turn after

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Right Turn Lanes

Question Jayeson asked: 316.2065 (5) has an exception for making left turns but not for continuing straight/avoiding right turn lanes. This would seem to imply that a cyclist must move into a right turn lane which would then require taking

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Left Turn by Bicyclist

Question Melissa asked:  A person riding on a bike in the middle of a two lane county road makes a left turn but does not signal. The automobile driver sees the person on the bike in the right lane and

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