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Cycling Groups and Bike Lanes

Question Traci asked:  We had a large group (about 30) traveling north on A1A in South Palm Beach last Saturday, cycling about 19-20 mph. We were riding 2 abreast, where the riders closest to the curbs were fully in the

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Rights of Cycling Groups

Question David also asked: Yesterday (Sunday, April 1) on the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami, a police officer was getting all upset about a group of about 50 – 100 cyclists taking up a whole lane of the road. He was

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Right Turns Again

Question Gary asked: This is in regards to a column, Dr. Delay, in a newspaper. The article states: Who has right of way? Bicycle or car? Reader wrote to the Doc about an incident she recently observed involving a bicycle

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Cyclists Riding Two Abreast (More)

Question In reference to the substandard-width lane:  As you know, I work on A1A which is a substandard-width lane roadway. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour and there is a no passing zone. If a bike rider was

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Cyclists Riding Two Abreast

Question The lane is not wide enough for two vehicles (bike and car) and a cyclist takes the lane.  Since the cyclist takes the whole lane, can cyclists now ride double without being in violation of impeding traffic?

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