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Motorist Entering the Roadway

Question Kathy asked: I hit a bicyclist yesterday. I did not see him. He’s okay. His bike will need a new front wheel. Thankfully, it was a very slow/low impact accident as I had just put my vehicle in first

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Cycling the Florida Keys

Question David asked:  Is it possible to ride my bicycle through the Keys safely and legally.  I would start in Miami and like to ride up to Key West.

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Two Abreast Impeding Traffic

Question Michael asked:  I recently received a ticket for riding two abreast and impeding traffic on A1A.  The traffic lane is 10′ 2″ with a 3 ft paved shoulder.  I want to contest the ticket based on the 316.2065 substandard

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Pedestrians and Bike Lanes

Question Alex asked:  What do the statutes say about cyclists and pedestrians, particularly when a pedestrian enters a designated bicycle lane?  What does it say when both are using a paved shoulder?

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Cyclist Passing a Stopped Bus

Question Frugopolis asked: What is the proper side to pass a bus stopped at a bus stop? Sometimes they stop in the lane of traffic leaving the shoulder open for me to pass on the right, but departing bus passengers

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How Wide is a Bike Lane?

Question Herman asked:  Is there a minimum width requirement for a bike lane to be a bike lane?

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Shoulder Marked as a Bike Lane

Question Nathan asked:  Are you required to use a shoulder that is marked as a bike lane? For example:,-82.228471&spn=0.008296,0.016512&gl=us&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=29.684345,-82.228663&panoid=hnjR0kHKenOb_aRjkq9rSQ&cbp=12,248.86,,0,0.09 This is obviously a shoulder, yet a sign says BIKE LANE BEGINS. (Incidentally, there’s a share the road sign just

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Paved Shoulder

Question Audrey asked:  I commute about 11 miles (each way) to work and have been riding across a 6 mile long bridge for months now.  I’m a recent transplant from Chicago and have been a cyclist for over a decade. 

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Passing with Oncoming Bicycles

Question Ron also asked:  And to further the rights of a shoulder-traveling cyclist, a vehicle in the oncoming lane of a two-lane road should not overtake another vehicle in the oncoming lane if there is bicycle traffic in the opposite

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Bicycles on the Shoulder

Question Tim asked:  It’s clear that if a cyclist is on the roadway they must operate as a vehicle and obey all traffic control devices.  However, if a cyclist is traveling outside of the roadway, on a paved shoulder, is

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