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No-Passing Zones

Question Kevin asked: One of the roads that I travel to work is frequented by bicycles.  Sometimes they are two abreast, and sometimes there are many traveling in a single file.  This road has curves in some areas, and double

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FBA’s Legislative Agenda

Question GM asked:  I understand recent legislation makes changes to the laws about bicycling.  What are the changes?

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Paved Shoulder

Question Audrey asked:  I commute about 11 miles (each way) to work and have been riding across a 6 mile long bridge for months now.  I’m a recent transplant from Chicago and have been a cyclist for over a decade. 

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Obstructions in Bike Lane

Question Herman asked: Is it legal for homeowners/tenants to place their garbage cans in the bike lane for pickup?  Also what duty do homeowners/tenants have in regards to keeping plant matter and other debris out of the bike lane in

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Question Emily asked:  I recently decided to ride my bike to and from work. I have to travel along a roadway that has no bike lane but has sidewalks on both sides. There is a carwash/restaurant that puts an advertisement

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Obstructions in Bike Lanes

Question KC also asked:  Are there any statutes about placing obstacles in the bike lane?  Specifically, the garbage collectors keep putting the cans down in the middle of the bike lane.  Is there an actual law against blocking the lane

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