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Hit and Run

Question From ???:  I was hit and run in a crosswalk- I was on my bike. I hunted the car and driver down. Then I called the Sheriff’s Office. I was told there was nothing they could do unless there

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Bicycle Citations

Question Israel asked: Is a bicycle a motor vehicle? Can a Florida citizen receive a motor vehicle citation for riding a bicycle?

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Penalties for Bike Citations

Question Mr O asked: I want to know the fee for bicycle citation. I have different fee amount for the same citation and I think clerk of county is making me pay too much ? 1.   2008 Bike/Fail to ride right-hand curb 2.  2008

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Appealing a Traffic Citation

Question Ob asked:  What is a hearing officer and how do I appeal a decision on a bicycle citation.

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Cost of Citation

Question Ob asked:  How could we lower bicycle ticket cost or, Mr. Geo, could do that for us? The cost of bicycle is $95 and citation is $70 . Come on, need to lower the ticket cost.

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Bicycle Equipment

Question How many bicycle citations can officer can handout at the same time?  Four tickets were given to me: bike/brake/non/improper & bike/fail to ride right hand curb & front and rear light I read that a person on bicycle can’t

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Jaywalking on a Bicycle

Question Eric asked:  Here is a news article that has a lot of things wrong with it. But it did make me wonder. Can the police demand that you identify yourself in Florida? Demand that you show ID? Does

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Driver’s License Points

Question Tonya asked: At age 14,15 my son received 4 tickets for riding his bicycle without a helmet. To get his license at 18 he had to pay his fines for these tickets. He will be 19 next month, and

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Crash Reports

Question Ron asked: Two touring cyclists were rear-ended and killed in Darien, Georgia over the weekend: Last year I we all lost a great friend when he was rear-ended and killed on SR11 north of DeLand: My question

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Improper Enforcement

Question David asked: If a police officer decides to enforce a non-existent law or a misinterpretation of an existing law (e.g., a police office tickets me for not cycling in the bike lane even though I’m overtaking another cyclist in

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