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Right Turns Again

Question J Lewis asked: Today I (a cyclist) was stopped at a red light while in a bike lane, and I was honked at and harassed by a person in a vehicle behind me. I presume they were trying to

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Bicycles in Crosswalks

Question David asked: I often ride on sidewalks with the flow of traffic though there is a bike lane. My question has to do with right turning vehicles, the drivers of which often think they can turn faster than I

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Stop and Yield Before Right Turn on Red

Question Christine asked: In Pinellas County I was traveling in my car North on Seminole Blvd and came to a red light on 102nd Ave and Seminole Blvd. As I approached the red light I stopped behind the white line

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Exclusive or Preferential

Question Jeff asked:  I’m having a technical discussion with someone over who may use a bicycle lane.  I believe a bicycle lane is a preferential lane for bicycles as opposed to an exclusive lane for bicycles. The definition is important.

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Crash Report

Question Alex asked: I was riding in a marked bicycle lane when a vehicle made a right turn through me. I was already at the hospital by the time the police officer arrived at the accident site. The driver of

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Lane Splitting (Que Jumping)

Question Eric commented:  Every once in a while people like to argue about why lane splitting or filtering should be legal. In my experience, people that make a habit of passing cars on the right, whether in a designated bicycle

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Right Turn Only Lanes

Question Nathan asked: You’ve said that FDOT no longer uses undesignated bike lanes. Is this why I’ve been recently seeing bike lanes that exist only to the left of right-turn lanes, and revert to shoulder before and after (forcing a

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Right Turns Again

Question Gary asked: This is in regards to a column, Dr. Delay, in a newspaper. The article states: Who has right of way? Bicycle or car? Reader wrote to the Doc about an incident she recently observed involving a bicycle

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Crosswalks, Driveways and Bicycles

Question Guillermo asked:  I made a right turn into commercial shopping area and out of nowhere an officer on a bike on the sidewalk almost hit my car.  He said I was not looking for pedestrians’ right of way.  In

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Right Turn Lanes

Question Frank asked: 1.  If I’m riding on the road (no bicycle lane and as far to the right as practicable) and a right hand turn lane comes up.  Do I ride on the left of the solid line of

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