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Right Turns with Bike Lanes Present

Question Eric asked:  Near where I live there is an old bike lane that is about 15-20 years old. It has solid white lines right up to the intersection where I routinely turn right when I drive my truck there.

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Lane Position at Intersections

Question: Sondra asked:  What would be the proper position for a cyclist when she approaches traffic on a busy street?  Can she continue on the right edge (and pass the automobiles) until she reaches the intersection and go ahead if

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More on Right Turns

Question Sondra Asked:  Who has the right of way in moving traffic when: 1) the cyclist is traveling straight ahead on the far right side (where the bike lane ended about 100 feet before the intersection) and is moving with

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Right Turns

Question Anthony also asked: If a vehicle is stopped at a red light intending to make a right turn and a trailing bicyclist pulls abreast of the car on the right, intending to go straight, who has the right of

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