Rights and Duties

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Cycling Groups at Stop Signs

Question Ed asked: I ride with a large group here in central Fl. On one of our rides we typically have 20-30 riders. What we have been doing is to require our lead rider to come as close to a

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Vehicular Manslaughter

Comment Vey sent this comment and link: Since this is the first conviction in the country and some people seem to think they shouldn’t be responsible for damages if they run a red light, I thought this news story would

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Ride With Traffic

Question Daryl asked:  Has the law always been stated to ride with the traffic?

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Authorized Vehicles Only

Question Doreen asked: I live in Nokomis, FL and want to ride my bike to Honore Ave. where Honore meets Hwy 681. Honore is the best road to take through south Sarasota. (The Legacy Trail is often crowded with pedestrians

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Cycling the Florida Keys

Question David asked:  Is it possible to ride my bicycle through the Keys safely and legally.  I would start in Miami and like to ride up to Key West.

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No Bike Lanes

Question Tom asked:  The city is finally repaving a very busy street and city officials have told me they want to discourage bike use on this street. They won’t consider bike lanes because of the streets narrow width and won’t

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