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Bicycles on the Sidewalk

Question Ronald asked: Does it mean that I am legally allowed to use an eBike on a bike path or a sidewalk if I am just manually pedaling it?

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eBike in a Bike Lane

Question SpecialFX asked: I was pulled over by a sheriff riding my electric bicycle (it is legally an ebike).   He told me that I was not allowed to ride it under power in the bicycle lane. He told me it’s

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Bike Path Crosswalk

Question Harry asked: Recently the city of Inverness, FL redesigned a major crossing of the Withlacoochee State Trail which I fear has increased the danger for trail users who are attempting to cross N Apopka Ave. I’m hoping you can

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Bike Path Crosswalks

Question Suzanne asked: In the city of Palm Coast, FL – Flagler Cty. the city has provided bike paths/walk paths along many city streets.  These paths are approx.7-9 feet in width. The road speeds vary from 45 to 55 mph.

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Bike Path Stop Signs

Question Jeanne asked:  Is it required that you stop at the posted stop signs on the bike paths if no one is coming? Is this considered a moving violation?  Some of the stop signs on the path off Hwy 70

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Work Zones

Question Hank asked:  Here on Key Biscayne we have a recent development that’s highly problematic for cyclists.  One of the bridges on the Rickenbacker Causeway, the main artery linking Key Biscayne with the mainland, needs serious repairs. This is a

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Bike Path Hours of Use

Question Marcus asked:  It has come to my attention that being on State Trail or Bike Trail is illegal after sunset. I have asked numerous times for the reference to the Statute Law of Florida regarding this exact rule.  No

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Bike Lanes Required?

Question Peter asked:  Need some help here in Osceola County.  A beautiful new road – Narcoosee Rd., is a disaster in the works.  Traveling south from Orange County on Narcoosee Rd, the bike lane is fully IAW Florida Law.  When

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Bicyclists in Crosswalks

Question Mike asked:  I understand that a cyclist is considered a pedestrian when they travel on the sidewalk although they must yield to “real pedestrians” who are afoot. What happens when a cyclist is using a sidewalk and then cycles

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Bicyclists on Bike Paths

Question Mike also asked: Florida Statues define a crosswalk as existing within the lines of sidewalks approaching a street.   And the statutes are strong regarding the rights of pedestrians within those crosswalks. What if it is an intersection of

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