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Motorized Bicycles on Bike Paths

Question Paul asked:  I own an electric bike that meets all the requirements to be classified a bicycle under s. 316.003(2), but the West Palm Beach police tell me that I am not allowed to ride it on City park

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Right of Way on Bike Paths

Question Pete asked:  There is a multi-use trail that places stop or yield signs facing trail users where the trail crosses roads or entrances into business, and the crosswalks are marked. While riding recently, we approached one of the yield

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More About Bike Paths and Sidewalks

Question Jim asked: My family, which includes several experienced cyclists, is visiting xxx in Florida and have had some interesting experiences with police and a bike shop employee who have told us that we cannot ride on the roadway and

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Pedestrians on Shared Use Paths

Question There are an amazing number of conflictual responses to this dilemma.  On the “shared path” on Pine Island in Lee County there are no lines marking the path or in any way designating flow of traffic for cyclists or

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Keep Right on Bike Paths

Question Chris asked:  Do any Florida laws apply to cyclists riding on bike paths?  Does each rider have a duty to stay to the right?

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Bike Paths and Sidewalks

Question Shawn asked:  What defines a sidewalk or bicycle path?  Must signage be posted to designate a sidewalk or bicycle path?  Do certain size characteristics accompany sidewalks or bicycle paths so as to alert motorized vehicle operators to avoid traveling

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Motorized Wheelchairs on Sidewalks (Updated)

Question David asked:  Do Florida Statutes address motorized wheelchairs or scooters used by the elderly and disabled?

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Motorized Vehicles on Sidewalks

Question Frank asked: I tried looking up what the fine is for riding an electric bicycle (under electric power) on a sidewalk.  Can you tell me what that may be?

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Can Pedestrians Use Bicycle Lanes?

Question Keith asked:  I almost had a head on collision with a runner in the bike lane the other morning, it was 5.45 am totally dark and he or she was invisible.  I emailed the Mayor as to the city’s

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