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No-Passing Zones

Question Kevin asked: One of the roads that I travel to work is frequented by bicycles.  Sometimes they are two abreast, and sometimes there are many traveling in a single file.  This road has curves in some areas, and double

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Passing a Bicyclist in a No-Passing Zone

Question Harry asked: I know other states (WI & PA) have recently passed a law that allows cars to cross the double yellow to give enough clearance to pass a cyclist. Is there a FL law that allows cars to

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Cyclists Riding Two Abreast (More)

Question In reference to the substandard-width lane:  As you know, I work on A1A which is a substandard-width lane roadway. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour and there is a no passing zone. If a bike rider was

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Passing a Bicyclist in a No Passing Zone

Question Can a driver legally pass a bicyclist that is taking the lane in a “No Passing Zone”?

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