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SAG Vehicle Support for a Group Ride

Question Natalia asked: Due to the last accident on eastbound State Road 84 that killed 2 cyclists and injured many others I am concerned about going out there again to ride by myself or in a group. I heard it

Side by Side Cycling

Question Joe asked: Recent tragedy in Davie FL on SR 84. Two cyclists were killed when a driver hit the outside column of riders. Is it legal under FL statute for cyclists to ride side by side in columns on

Groups of Cyclists Impeding Other Traffic

Question Anonymous asked: Maybe I’m completely wrong. Saturday, 7/28/18, about 8:30 am, my wife and I were travelling to Leesburg from Orlando. We took County Road 455 as a scenic route on our journey. The portion between The West Orange

Riding Two or More Abreast

Question Sandy asked: I live in Weston, FL, where there are specific bike lanes. However there are “clubs” that ride together, 2-3-4-5 abreast at times that literally take over the entire right lane for drivers of autos. Is this legal?

Riding Two Abreast

Question Mark asked: Do double pacelines violate the statute with reference to riding two abreast when one or both lead riders rotate to the back of the line? At that point, they will be riding three or four abreast.

Group Cyclists

Question Tracy asked: Is it legal for group cyclists to take up every lane and keep motorized vehicles from passing?

Cyclists Riding Abreast

Question Mike asked: I live in a bike friendly community that has nice wide roads with well-marked bike lanes. The community is so bike friendly that riders often congregate here to ride in large pelotons, but those pelotons frequently ride

Group Riders Two Abreast?

Question Harry asked: When bicycles are in groups are they supposed to ride single file or are they allowed to ride side by side?

A1A Group Rides

Question Paul asked: I live off A1A and on weekends the cyclists ride in large groups along this route. The problem is there seems to be no etiquette on their part. They block the entire lane while riding and chatting

Cycling Groups at Stop Signs

Question Ed asked: I ride with a large group here in central Fl. On one of our rides we typically have 20-30 riders. What we have been doing is to require our lead rider to come as close to a

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