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Ground Lights on Bicycles

Question Are ground lights permitted on bicycles? See this post for the original question:

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Slow Moving Vehicle Sign on a Bicycle

Question Mike asked: is it allowed in FL to put a large reflective orange triangle SMV sign that would normally go on a tractor or horse and buggy on the back of my bike?

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Exception to Helmet Requirement

Question Bryan asked: I found past reference to putting an infant in a sling. I’m exploring the possibility of cycling with an infant in a bakfiets (dutch box-bike) with a “car” seat.  If the infant is in car seat, there

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Additional Lights on Bicycles

Question Keith asked: I have had questions about these lights and was wondering if you knew the legal answer about them. Blue Bike Brightz LED Bicycle Safety Light Lightweight Fashion Accessory they light the ground up while riding.

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Question Carla asked: What if you intend to only ride your bike when it around noon are you still required to put reflective lighting on your bicycle?  Or a lamp?

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Bike (?) with Training Wheels

Question Cornelia asked: Are children required to wear helmets while using training wheels? I think it is the right thing to do…others differ.

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Carrying a Load on a Bicycle

Question Evia asked: Is it against the law to have a milk crate attached to bike so you can carry groceries?

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Bright Bicycle Lights

Question Logan asked: I currently have a small Walmart headlight and am planning on upgrading soon.  I keep seeing these huge bike lights on Ebay that are advertised at various sizes from 800 to 4000 lumens.  These are just a

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Radios on Bicycles

Question Johnny asked: Is there any bicycle law that disallows the use of a small PA speaker? I have a small CB radio connected on my bike and was wondering if I could hook up a small PA speaker to

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Electric Turn Signals on Bicycles

Question SpecialX asked: Is there a statute that covers how someone is supposed to signal a turn? Do I have to use hand/arm signals or can I purchase an electronic bicycle signaling “kit”? Or do I have to use signals

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