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“Dead Red” Lights

Question Herman asked: What exactly is Florida law in regards to “dead red” lights, i.e. traffic lights that do not change for a bicycle? Answer Please see:

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Passing on the Right

Question Alan asked: I do a lot of riding in downtown St Augustine. It’s close, cramped, and traffic is poorly regulated. These streets were laid hundreds of years ago and weren’t meant for heavy traffic. When I’m late for work,

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Inoperative Traffic Lights

Question Chris Burns asked: Group of cyclists pull up to a traffic signal.  Their presence does not trigger or activate the traffic light to change.  It won’t change from red to green.  Are they legally entitled to go through the

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Bicycles in left or right turn lanes

Question Especially on the weekends, there are large groups of bicyclists, sometimes with 50-100 riders.  When they stop for a red light, they bunch up and begin to even fill the left-turn-only lane, thereby obstructing vehicles from using that assigned

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