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Cycling Groups at Stop Signs

Question Ed asked: I ride with a large group here in central Fl. On one of our rides we typically have 20-30 riders. What we have been doing is to require our lead rider to come as close to a

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Motorist Entering the Roadway

Question Kathy asked: I hit a bicyclist yesterday. I did not see him. He’s okay. His bike will need a new front wheel. Thankfully, it was a very slow/low impact accident as I had just put my vehicle in first

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Right of Way Leaving a Roadway

Question Vitaly asked: I have 2 questions. 1st. is in regards to statue s. 316.125 where it says that as a driver entering a highway we have to yield to pedestrians and bicycles, but there is no statue if we

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Question Judy asked:  If I am backing out of my driveway and a bicyclist is using the sidewalk, which crosses my driveway, which one of us has the right-of-way? Obviously, I look before I back out, but I have seen

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Right of Way on Bike Paths

Question Pete asked:  There is a multi-use trail that places stop or yield signs facing trail users where the trail crosses roads or entrances into business, and the crosswalks are marked. While riding recently, we approached one of the yield

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Right of Way at Intersections

Question Mike asked:  On a bike trail intersection with a (marked crosswalk} plus a small stop sign for the trail users and a full size stop sign for the road users, is the trail user {cyclist} required to stop for

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