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Rude Bicyclist or Rude Motorist?

Question C asked:  Today it was raining as I was driving down University Blvd in Orlando. The speed limit was 45 miles per hour. Directly in front of me in the middle of the lane was a bicyclist riding at

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Narrow Lanes Again

Question Scott asked:  Last week I was stopped by a LEO in Palm Springs, FL while riding my bike on a 25mph 10′ wide lane on a residential street.  My lane position was slightly left of the right tire track.

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Improper Enforcement

Question David asked: If a police officer decides to enforce a non-existent law or a misinterpretation of an existing law (e.g., a police office tickets me for not cycling in the bike lane even though I’m overtaking another cyclist in

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Solving Cycling Problems

Question Richard asked:  I live in a predominately college town. I recently moved and started biking to campus. There are no bike lanes for a portion of the road I have to ride down currently, and I am forced to

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A Department Bulletin to Help Officers Understand Cyclist Safety and Lane Use

The following text was created for the Orlando Police Department Bulletin. This was an initiative by Officer Bill Edgar, a member of our officer advisory panel. If you would like to duplicate it for distribution in your department, please contact

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Who Needs Education?

Question Dan asked:  Who needs the most help, the cyclist, law enforcement, or both?

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Who Can Use This Site?

Question PG asked:  I am a biker from Indiana. Am I welcome on this forum or is just for Florida bikers?

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RideRight/Drive Right Campaign

UPDATE – Two significant events have occurred: 1.  The Florida Department of Transportation has stepped in to make a major contribution to the peace and tranquility of roadway users in Palm Beach County.  They have approved signage for the Ride

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Lake County Bicycle Summit

Lake County Cyclist/Law Enforcement Cooperation Sgt. Tom McKane (Center) and Deputy Gabriel White, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, with Rick Pitner at the Lake County Bicycle Summit in Mt. Dora, FL. Lake County is a beautiful county and a particularly attractive

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