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A Department Bulletin to Help Officers Understand Cyclist Safety and Lane Use

The following text was created for the Orlando Police Department Bulletin. This was an initiative by Officer Bill Edgar, a member of our officer advisory panel. If you would like to duplicate it for distribution in your department, please contact

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Practical Elegance and the Principles of Traffic

The Following Essay was written by Reed Bates. Reed resides in Ennis Texas. He has not owned a car since 2003, and has used a bicycle for transportation since 2006. This essay was originally published on Reed’s blog and is

Congratulations to Lt. Pete Kelting

Enforcement Officer of the Year: Pete Kelting, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. Award presented by FBA’s Law Enforcement Program director, George Martin. Lt. Pete Kelting of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office is a friend of cyclists. As a former Seminole County

Welcome to Florida Bicycle Law

The purpose of this blog is to keep cyclists and our law enforcement partners informed about Florida bicycle law. We will also use this site to provide updates on the The Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Toolkit, which is currently being