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Gas Generator for Electric Motor

Question Troy asked: Do the same electric bicycle laws in Florida still apply if I use a gasoline motor as a generator to power the electric assist motor instead of a battery?

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Is a Xich lo a bicycle?

Question Daniel asked: I have an actual Vietnamese xich lo. If unfamiliar with a xich lo, it is basically a bicycle frame that has a place for passengers to ride attached to its front. Its probably easier just to Google

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Registration Required?

Question Elena asked: I have a bicycle operated cafe that will be operating business in south Florida. Does the bicycle need to be registered as a vehicle? It has a small electric motor to assist on going up hills, etc.

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Missing Posts

My apologies, but we have been experiencing some difficulties with the web site.  This is not limited to the Ask Geo site, but also other FBA sites.  We are trying to determine the cause and insure it is corrected and

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Welcome to Florida Bicycle Law

The purpose of this blog is to keep cyclists and our law enforcement partners informed about Florida bicycle law. We will also use this site to provide updates on the The Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Toolkit, which is currently being

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