Electric Four Wheel Vehicle


John asked:  Due to my large size of 350 lbs and physical disability affecting my balance and strength that rules out safely riding a bicycle (neuropathy in my lower legs), I have been considering a quad recumbent with 4 wheels. This quad would likely have e-assist of some level and/or gearing assist.
My question is: 1.) Would this qualify as a bicycle under Florida law? And 2.) Would I be allowed to ride on the various rail-to-trails paths around the state as well as roads. This would make it safe for me to ride without the strong possibility of falling. I am 70 years old. 
I know quads are relatively new and not sure if they are defined yet. 


Please see this post for new definitions.

Please note the three wheel requirement to be a bike or ebike.

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  1. I suggest you look up federal ADA law. I did, I also copied it and carry it with me. I ride a two wheel electric bike. I am DAV. The new DEFINITION of a wheelchair is basically, it has wheels, can be powered by gas, electric or human. Also look up OPMD. Other Powered Mobility Devices. Finally the law is written in the favor of us disabled.
    Good luck. If anyone says it’s to big to accommodate, check out transportation department rules. Can’t be denied if under 600 pounds total,. Size is also mentioned.
    Don’t be bullied and denied by ignorant people.
    Oh. Also allowed to ride sidewalks and anywhere people are allowed to walk.

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