• Definition of Bicycle

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  • Gas Bikes – No BS Please!

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  • LED Lights on a Bicycle

    Question Loan asked: I installed 600 strip led in my electric bike. Is it legal or not in Florida? (more…)
  • No-Passing Zones

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  • Passing Within a Bike Lane

    Question Dennis asked: What is the correct method of passing another cyclists in a marked bike lane?  To me it makes sense to announce "Passing on left" and simply pass…
  • Citations for Three-Foot Law

    Question Jack asked: I would like to know how many tickets have been given to motorists that have violated the 3 foot law?  Is there a web site that shows…
  • Local Authorities and Sidewalk Cycling

    Question Jeff asked: What is the statute and requirements whereby municipalities and cities such as St. Augustine may prohibit bicycles from being ridden on sidewalks? (more…)
  • Electric Skateboards

    Question Richard asked: I recently purchased an electric skateboard from BoostedBoards (boostedboards.com). These are electric skateboards designed as commuter boards with electric motors, 20mph speeds, and regenerative brakes. I'm perplexed…
  • Sidewalk Cycling Vero Beach

    Question Mary asked: Is it ok by Vero Beach, Florida law to ride your bike on the sidewalk on Route 60, west of town? (more…)
  • Flags on Bikes

    Question Stephen asked: Is a florescent safety flag required on recumbent bicycles? We have required lighting for evening rides. (more…)
  • LED Lights on a Bicycle

    Question Loan asked: I installed 600 strip led in my electric bike. Is it legal or not in Florida? (more…)
  • Motorist Crossing a Sidewalk Entering the Roadway

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  • Bike Lanes Required?

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  • Door Zone Bike Lanes

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  • Pedestrians in Bike Lanes

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  • Bicyclists using the Full Lane

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  • Sharrows and BMUFL Signs

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  • Ride With Traffic

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