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Bicycles with Gas Assist Motors

Question GM asked the FHP: Can a bicycle with a gas assist motor be operated legally on Florida roadways?

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Tao eBike?

Question Mark asked: The Tao Tao ATE 501 has functioning pedals and an electric motor. The specifications show that the motor has a top speed of 20 mph. Would this model be considered a bicycle with no license required since

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eBike in a Bike Lane

Question SpecialFX asked: I was pulled over by a sheriff riding my electric bicycle (it is legally an ebike).   He told me that I was not allowed to ride it under power in the bicycle lane. He told me it’s

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Age Limit for eBikes

Question Jackie asked: My grandchild, aged 11, received an electric bike for Christmas and I wonder if she needs a driver’s license and anything else. I saw her on the road by her home with it and it scared me

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Bike (?) with Training Wheels

Question Cornelia asked: Are children required to wear helmets while using training wheels? I think it is the right thing to do…others differ.

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Motorcycle in the Bike Lane

Question Kirby in MN asked: My head is spinning looking into the very ambiguous Florida bike /bike lane statutes. Maybe you could find this quicker with your experience with FL statutes.  If I was a Florida cop and saw a

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More Motorized Bicycles

Question Punkie commented: The way you have your page is more confusing than helpful when trying to state the facts. I know from first hand what the state laws are for any motorized bicycle either it be electric or by

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Condo Rules

Question Nancy asked: I have a velomobile, which doesn’t seem to fit any of the definitions I’ve seen in FL law.  My condo association is trying to ‘outlaw’ my velo from its duly named ‘Bicycle Storage’ areas.  Apart from condo

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Motor Scooter

Question Erika asked: I have a Tao Tao e-bike that looks like a small scooter.  I have seen these ridden on the sidewalk here in Hernando County.  I called the Sheriff’s Office to inquire on what they prefer here in

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Bicycle Citations

Question Israel asked: Is a bicycle a motor vehicle? Can a Florida citizen receive a motor vehicle citation for riding a bicycle?

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