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Pedestrians in a Bike lane

Question Joe asked: While riding with traffic, single file, I often encounter walkers/joggers coming toward me, against the flow of traffic. Question is, who has the “right of way”?

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Cycling on the Paved Shoulder

Question Evan asked: On this page,, you seem to agree that it is legal, but not recommended, to ride against traffic if on the shoulder.  Does this include the paved portion outside the white line?

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Cycling the Florida Keys

Question David asked:  Is it possible to ride my bicycle through the Keys safely and legally.  I would start in Miami and like to ride up to Key West.

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Wide Load

Question Ron asked:  I just experienced a rather close call with a semi transporting a rather wide boat. The semi was immediately preceded by a “safety vehicle” with flashing lights, etc. I was riding the paved shoulder of SR40. The

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Pedestrians and Bike Lanes

Question Alex asked:  What do the statutes say about cyclists and pedestrians, particularly when a pedestrian enters a designated bicycle lane?  What does it say when both are using a paved shoulder?

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Walking on a One-Way Street

Question Nathan asked: Is there a legal way to walk with traffic on a one-way street without sidewalks? Or do you have to go to the next block?

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Right Turn Only Lanes

Question Nathan asked: You’ve said that FDOT no longer uses undesignated bike lanes. Is this why I’ve been recently seeing bike lanes that exist only to the left of right-turn lanes, and revert to shoulder before and after (forcing a

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Cyclist Passing a Stopped Bus

Question Frugopolis asked: What is the proper side to pass a bus stopped at a bus stop? Sometimes they stop in the lane of traffic leaving the shoulder open for me to pass on the right, but departing bus passengers

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How Wide is a Bike Lane?

Question Herman asked:  Is there a minimum width requirement for a bike lane to be a bike lane?

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Shoulder Marked as a Bike Lane

Question Nathan asked:  Are you required to use a shoulder that is marked as a bike lane? For example:,-82.228471&spn=0.008296,0.016512&gl=us&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=29.684345,-82.228663&panoid=hnjR0kHKenOb_aRjkq9rSQ&cbp=12,248.86,,0,0.09 This is obviously a shoulder, yet a sign says BIKE LANE BEGINS. (Incidentally, there’s a share the road sign just

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