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No-Passing Zones

Question Kevin asked: One of the roads that I travel to work is frequented by bicycles.  Sometimes they are two abreast, and sometimes there are many traveling in a single file.  This road has curves in some areas, and double

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Video Evidence of Traffic Law Violation

Question Kermit asked: I recently spoke with a Sheriff’s deputy concerning and incident with the driver of a rental truck. In our conversation the deputy told me that the only way law enforcement would issue a citation to a driver

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Three Foot Law and Bike Lanes?

Question Dean asked:  Is a motor vehicle still required to give 3 feet to a cyclist if the cyclist and vehicle are in their own lanes?  I many cases, I see the cyclist in the center of his dedicated lane

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Exclusive or Preferential

Question Jeff asked:  I’m having a technical discussion with someone over who may use a bicycle lane.  I believe a bicycle lane is a preferential lane for bicycles as opposed to an exclusive lane for bicycles. The definition is important.

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Three Foot Law in Bike Lane

Question Herman asked: I was talking to an acquaintance a while back and she was telling me that the 3′ law applies even when we’re in the bike lane.  Is that true?

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Queue-Jumping Bicyclists

Question Dana asked:  As more bicycles and riders enter our roadways and ride in traffic with motor vehicles, I am concerned that certain bike riders that I encounter seem to display a righteous indignance about the “3 foot law” when

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Three-Foot Law

Question James asked:  I was cycling south-bound along A1A near the Haulover Park traffic signal, when a transit bus approaching me started blowing his horn.  In fear of an accident, it caused me to swerve off the roadway. I was

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Three-foot Law

Question Rodney asked:  Does the three-foot minimum passing statute apply to motorists if a cyclist is operating in a designated bicycle lane? If not, wouldn’t it be more prudent to forgo the use of the bicycle lane with regards to

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Bicycles May Use Full Lane

Question Colby Asked:  Concerning the Bicycles May Use Full Lane signs, is this actually Florida law as stated on the street signs? I am familiar with the MUTCD but not these particular signs.  If so, I am unclear on how

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