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Crossing a Median

Question E. asked: If a bicyclist gets off his or her bike while crossing a four lane highway (U.S 1) to accompany a pedestrian, or just to cross the cement island, is it legal and less nerve-wreaking on car drivers?

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Bicycles in the Median

Question Nathan asked: Is this movement legal, if one follows all pedestrian laws while crossing the road? Would the answer change if there were no median break at all (and thus one would ride across the grass where a

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Changing Lanes

Question Kathy asked:  Vehicle traveling on 3 lane busy road in rush hour traffic. 2 way with turn lane in the middle for intersection with stoplight. Vehicle stopped at light and needs to get into turn lane (approximately 5 cars

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Turn Lanes and Right-of-Way

Question Alfred asked:  Does a motorist in a left turn lane of a divided road with left turn signals on retain the right of way to the straight thru lanes over a bicyclist crossing the intersection? I always thought it

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Bicycles in left or right turn lanes

Question Especially on the weekends, there are large groups of bicyclists, sometimes with 50-100 riders.  When they stop for a red light, they bunch up and begin to even fill the left-turn-only lane, thereby obstructing vehicles from using that assigned

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