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Cross as a Roadway User or Pedestrian

Question SpecialFX asked: What would be the most legal way of doing this?  Is there a “bad” yet still legal way? Bicycling on a sidewalk and then as I am going across an intersection, I want to move into the

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Door Zone Bike Lanes

Question Bernie asked: A motorist parks properly on A1A next to a bike path. He exits the car on the driver’s side which is next to the bike path.  As he exits opening the door a cyclist goes into the

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Pedestrians in Bike Lanes

Question Susan asked: I ride my bike early in the morning prior to and around daylight. There is a male pedestrian who insists on using the bike lane rather than the sidewalk. Who has the right of way?

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eBike in a Bike Lane

Question SpecialFX asked: I was pulled over by a sheriff riding my electric bicycle (it is legally an ebike).   He told me that I was not allowed to ride it under power in the bicycle lane. He told me it’s

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Motorcycle in the Bike Lane

Question Kirby in MN asked: My head is spinning looking into the very ambiguous Florida bike /bike lane statutes. Maybe you could find this quicker with your experience with FL statutes.  If I was a Florida cop and saw a

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Right Turns Again

Question J Lewis asked: Today I (a cyclist) was stopped at a red light while in a bike lane, and I was honked at and harassed by a person in a vehicle behind me. I presume they were trying to

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Jogging in the Roadway

Question Pat asked: I was jogging in a well established biking and jogging area and was stopped by a policeman stating that he could “cite” me for not jogging on the sidewalk when it was near the bike lane, even

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Pedestrians in a Bike lane

Question Joe asked: While riding with traffic, single file, I often encounter walkers/joggers coming toward me, against the flow of traffic. Question is, who has the “right of way”?

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Ride With Traffic

Question Daryl asked:  Has the law always been stated to ride with the traffic?

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Motorist Entering the Roadway

Question Kathy asked: I hit a bicyclist yesterday. I did not see him. He’s okay. His bike will need a new front wheel. Thankfully, it was a very slow/low impact accident as I had just put my vehicle in first

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