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Cycling on the Paved Shoulder

Question Evan asked: On this page,, you seem to agree that it is legal, but not recommended, to ride against traffic if on the shoulder.  Does this include the paved portion outside the white line?

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Three Foot Law and Bike Lanes?

Question Dean asked:  Is a motor vehicle still required to give 3 feet to a cyclist if the cyclist and vehicle are in their own lanes?  I many cases, I see the cyclist in the center of his dedicated lane

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Sidewalks and Bike Lanes

Question Aimee asked:  I am aware that in Orange County, Florida riding the sidewalks is acceptable, but are the bike riders required to ride with the flow of traffic?  And is it required to use the bike lanes, if they

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Bikes May Use Full Lane 2

Question Herman asked:  The concept that has been discussed in the media.  What I would like to know is, what exactly is the statue that covers this?

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Unsafe Bicycle Facilities

Question Herman asked: Where I live we have several bike lanes that are routed to the right of not only right turn only lanes, but also to the right of combined thru/right turn lanes.  As well as being in the

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Passing Within a Bike Lane

Question Dennis asked: What is the correct method of passing another cyclists in a marked bike lane?  To me it makes sense to announce “Passing on left” and simply pass outside the marked bike lane using the regular roadway. Of

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Exclusive or Preferential

Question Jeff asked:  I’m having a technical discussion with someone over who may use a bicycle lane.  I believe a bicycle lane is a preferential lane for bicycles as opposed to an exclusive lane for bicycles. The definition is important.

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Two Abreast Impeding Traffic

Question Michael asked:  I recently received a ticket for riding two abreast and impeding traffic on A1A.  The traffic lane is 10′ 2″ with a 3 ft paved shoulder.  I want to contest the ticket based on the 316.2065 substandard

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Crash Report

Question Alex asked: I was riding in a marked bicycle lane when a vehicle made a right turn through me. I was already at the hospital by the time the police officer arrived at the accident site. The driver of

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Electric Bikes in Bike Lane

Question Gary asked:  I have and electric bike w/less than 750 watts motor, functional pedals, and less than 20 miles per hour.  I have been told by local police that I am not allow to use the bike lane.  I

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