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Cross as a Roadway User or Pedestrian

Question SpecialFX asked: What would be the most legal way of doing this?¬† Is there a “bad” yet still legal way? Bicycling on a sidewalk and then as I am going across an intersection, I want to move into the

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Bicyclists Stopping at an Intersection?

Question Sharon asked: When waiting for a light to change to go through an intersection, where must a bicycle stop? I remember hearing that a cyclist could move forward into the crosswalk area.

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Bicycles on the Sidewalk

Question Mary asked: Are children under the age of 16 allowed to ride on the sidewalk in Leesburg, Florida? They were removed from bus transportation because they live within disallowed distance.

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Dismount When Crossing Roadway?

Question Leo asked: Must a person legally have to get off the bicycle and walk crossing the street or can he or she ride the bicycle across? Please give me the references if possible.

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Bicyclists as Pedestrians

Question Rachel asked: I was involved in an accident that happened when a bicyclist decided to enter the roadway, attempting to cross horizontally across the road into vertically traveling traffic. This was on a busy road, during the day and

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Bike Path Crosswalk

Question Harry asked: Recently the city of Inverness, FL redesigned a major crossing of the Withlacoochee State Trail which I fear has increased the danger for trail users who are attempting to cross N Apopka Ave. I’m hoping you can

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More About Driveways

Question Jo asked: We have a bike lane in front of our condo home but a lot of people ride on the sidewalk instead. My question is, since we have a limited view of the sidewalk as we are exiting

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More About Crosswalks

Question Thyme asked: In Miami Beach, I have not found a local ordinance forbidding riding a bike, on the sidewalk, against the flow of traffic. While doing so, and crossing a crosswalk (white ‘go’ sign), I was hit by a

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Bicycles in Crosswalks

Question David asked: I often ride on sidewalks with the flow of traffic though there is a bike lane. My question has to do with right turning vehicles, the drivers of which often think they can turn faster than I

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Bike Path Crosswalks

Question Suzanne asked: In the city of Palm Coast, FL РFlagler Cty. the city has provided bike paths/walk paths along many city streets.  These paths are approx.7-9 feet in width. The road speeds vary from 45 to 55 mph.

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