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Bicycles in Crosswalks

Question Herta asked: If a bicycle is on the sidewalk on a right of way and crosses an intersection with a car coming out of a side street with a stop sign, who goes first, the bicycle or the car

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Location of Crosswalk

Question T. Mairs asked: At a T-intersection, with a road running along the top of the “T”, there is a sidewalk (part of the “Walk the Rock” path).  There is a community that meets the main sidewalk that has decided

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Crossing a Median

Question E. asked: If a bicyclist gets off his or her bike while crossing a four lane highway (U.S 1) to accompany a pedestrian, or just to cross the cement island, is it legal and less nerve-wreaking on car drivers?

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Motorist Entering the Roadway

Question Kathy asked: I hit a bicyclist yesterday. I did not see him. He’s okay. His bike will need a new front wheel. Thankfully, it was a very slow/low impact accident as I had just put my vehicle in first

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Stop and Yield Before Right Turn on Red

Question Christine asked: In Pinellas County I was traveling in my car North on Seminole Blvd and came to a red light on 102nd Ave and Seminole Blvd. As I approached the red light I stopped behind the white line

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Another Crash

Question Eric asked:  I was hit by a car yesterday while riding my bike.  I was crossing an intersection and someone that was making a right did not look and hit me.  I got license plate number and make and

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Lawsuit for Compensation for Crash

Question I’m seven months pregnant and got struck by a reckless insensitive dumb driver while I was riding my bicycle across a pedestrian walkway. Bicycle was completely destroyed and literally was underneath the bone crushing wheels of the massive suv. 

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Right of Way Leaving a Roadway

Question Vitaly asked: I have 2 questions. 1st. is in regards to statue s. 316.125 where it says that as a driver entering a highway we have to yield to pedestrians and bicycles, but there is no statue if we

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Bicyclists in Crosswalks

Question Debbie asked: Is there a law that you are supposed to walk your bike through the crosswalk and not ride it?

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Bicycling on the Sidewalk

Question Jocelyn asked: I am going into middle school and I have to ride my bike and I don’t know if I can ride on the sidewalk or if I have to ride in the road?

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