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eBikes in Hillsborough County Parks

Question Phil asked: I can’t find anything about using Ann eMtb at Hillsborough County parks, mainly Morris Bridge and Flatwoods in Tampa. An information on this?

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Sign on a Bicycle

Question Patricia asked: Can you put a business sign on a rear basket of an adult tricycle?

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Sidewalk Cycling in Largo, FL

Question Thomas asked: Is sidewalk bicycling prohibited anywhere in Largo?

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Crossing in Front of Stopped Vehicle

Question Rob asked: If there is a bike path and there is a SUV blocking the path to turn right on a main road and its front bumper is inches from main road. Does the cyclist wait for the SUV

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eBikes on Private Property

Question Steve asked: I live in a 400 unit “condo” complex in So.Florida. As I anticipate purchase of an e-bike, I’ve noticed that the rules of the facility (a very rigid, 35 yr old project, which prohibits “motorcycles, pickup trucks

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Bike Passenger

Question Jodie asked: Can I have my child stand on the back of my bike while I ride? Any law against that?

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100 MPH eBike

Question Alex asked: Electric bicycles are becoming more popular. They usually can go between the speeds of 20 and 40 miles per hour. Lets say that I make an electric bike with a big electric motor and it can go

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How to Treat a Cyclist on the Road

Question Roselyn asked: I am a driver. I drive to work in the right lane because I must turn right soon, and there is a marked white line made for bicycles to the right of me. I passed right by

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Sidewalk Bicyclists at Crosswalks

Question Traci asked: If a bicyclist is riding on the sidewalk and comes to a crosswalk are they required to stop or yield before proceeding across the road?

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Left Turn Crash

Question Craig asked: I was recently in Deerfield traveling south in a lefthand turn lane to make a left turn. Northbound Traffic was backed up quite a bit and a large truck stopped to make way for me to make

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