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Penalties for Driving without License

Question Matthew asked: Do people get pulled over for riding an ebike with a throttle (no pedal) option without a license (and/or arrested, fined, etc.)? The definition “bicycle propelled by a combination of human power and an electric helper motor”

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Motorized Bicycle

Question James asked: Do I have to have a license to ride a 1948 Whizzer that is belt driven?

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With or Against Traffic

Question Frank asked: Should bike riders ride with or against the traffic I have had a lot of close calls as the riders don’t stop for signs and I don’t expect the bikes going in the wrong direction.

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Motorist Crash with Wrong Way Cyclist in a Bike Lane

Question John asked: If the operator of a motor vehicle should hit and injure a bicycle rider who is in the bike lane but riding the wrong direction, would the driver be held legally liable for the accident and or

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Citation for Careless Driving

Question Denise asked: My son was riding his bike on the proper part of the street. His back wheel was struck by a car and you can guess the obvious, he was knocked off the bike and fell on the

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Flashing Lights

Question Michael asked: I am a disabled veteran in a wheelchair, I ride a adaptive hand cycle that is a lay back position and in total it’s only 32″ high. I use 2 5′ safety flags and I have 2

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Bicycle Lights on the Sidewalk

Question Allison asked: If you are riding your bicycle strictly on the sidewalk, do you have to have lights on your bike? My brother is a Hillsborough County Sheriff, & he told me that no, I did not have to,

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Right Turn into a Crosswalk

Question Lance asked: Here’s the situation: I’m about to make a right turn into a shopping center, and a bicyclist is riding on the sidewalk and enters the roadway in front of me. Was he supposed to stop for me,

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Traffic Stops

Question Brugh asked: What is the full detailed procedure & legal line of questions & requests allowed & enforced by law during a routine bicycle traffic stop?

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Club Rides Taking the Travel Lane

Question Gary asked: In Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores FL, Gulf Blvd is one lane divided by a double yellow line which means no passing. There’s a designated bike lane. These groups of bicycle club riders some times blocks

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