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Driver or Pedestrian?

Question Michele asked: Are bicyclists required to ride in the lane the same direction as the traffic or do they ride in the lane facing traffic as a pedestrian does?

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Gas Motor Bicycle

Question Shawn asked: I just got a brand-new 50 cc motorized bicycle (gas powered) for Christmas and I’m 16 do I need a license to ride around town.

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Vehicle Making Left Turn

Question David asked: While on my bike I collided with a car making a left turn at a turn lane not a cross street with a traffic light. I was half way across road when the person in the car

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Yield to Bicyclists and Pedestrians at Intersections?

Question Barry asked: If I’m driving a car and approach an intersection with a stop sign. Do I yield to pedestrians and cyclists approaching on a sidewalk or are they supposed to yield to vehicles in this instance?

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Golf Carts in Bike Lanes

Question Alan asked: Perhaps you can give some advice as to the legality and options we have regarding our GSCDD Board decision to convert the designated bicycle lanes in our community to ones which permit golf carts to utilize those

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Bike Lanes Required?

Question Anon asked: The Palmer Ranch Association in Sarasota County is proposing a large community center on Palmer Ranch Parkway where there is NOT a bike lane. From what I see from the plans NO bike lane is under consideration

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Sidewalk Cycling in Fort Lauderdale FL

Question Kevin asked: I know that there are some areas (usually city centers/downtown) that ban bicycle riding on sidewalks altogether but have been having trouble finding local laws concerning bicycle riding. Is it legal to ride a bicycle on sidewalks

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Bicyclists on the Sidewalk or Crosswalk

Question Caroline asked: When a cyclist is on the sidewalk crossing a road that has a light, does the cyclist have to stop if a pedestrian doesn’t have the “walking man.” I live in Gainesville and have seen so many

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Motorized Bicycles

Question George asked: want to know if there’s a specific electric 2-wheeled moped or scooter I can drive without a license? Does it go by a certain amount of watts? Speed? Does it have to have pedals? And can it

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Bicycle Reflectors

Question Tim asked: Are there any requirements to have reflectors on your bicycle tires in Florida?

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