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Roadway Width for Bike Lanes

Question Robert asked: What is the minimum road width that allows a bike lane? In other words is a 15 foot lane width or a 12 foot lane width enough to allow a 5 foot bike lane to be incorporated

Scooter in the Road

Question Quinton asked:  I have a hover 1 scooter electric that has 3 speeds 1 7: mph I think 2 10: mph and 3 15: mph.  I had a cop pull me over for driving it on the sidewalk and

CDD Bike Parking

Question Alan asked:  I live in a CDD community which means that the interior roadways are public and maintained by the CDD taxing authority. We have a clubhouse with a pool, gym and 6 tennis courts. Our community, the Venetian

Bicycles on Sanibel Island

Question Pam asked: If there is a bike path, can bikers still ride on the street on Sanibel Island, Fl Answer Lacking a local ordinance to the contrary, operators of human powered vehicles have the same rights and duties as

Dirt Bike on Right of Way

Question Michael asked: Is it illegal to ride my dirt bike on the side of the road with my dirt bike in Florida since it is not street legal? Answer Operating a motor vehicle on the right of way of

Video Evidence

Question Kenneth asked: I’m a daily 25-mile bicycle commuter. I try hard to lead by example, wearing full safety equipment and lighting, following all traffic rules (including full-stops at stop-signs) and generally be a courteous road sharer. Despite this, I

Cyclists Stop at Stop Signs

Question Vanessa asked: Can we use the stop sign as a yield sign? Answer Please see this post.

Crash and No Citation

Question Clayton asked: Thursday April 11th at 11:40 My wife was struck by a car while we were cycling on Gulf Blvd close to the Don CeSar. My wife and I were in a lane of traffic that had a

Safe Passing Distance

Question Joe the Bike Man asked: Is there a Florida Law about a minimum distance from a cyclist that a motorist should be when passing the bicycle?  Some state have what is a called a 4-foot or 5-foot law Answer

Motorized Scooter in a Bike Lane

Question John asked: I have an electric motorized scooter. It has no seat or paddles. Its maximum speed is 18.6 mph. Does it require a driver’s license? I know I’m not allowed to ride it on the road or sidewalk