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Remain One Foot from Curb?

Question Dylan asked: What do I say when a police officer tells me that I must stay within 12 inches of the curb?

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Parking in a Bike Lane

Question David asked: In July on this year my brother was killed in a bicycle accident. He was riding in a neighborhood bike lane, marked as a bike lane with a bicycle and arrow, he ran into a trailer parked

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Drivers Leaving a Shopping Plaza

Question Karen asked: “On the roadway”, does this also include the sidewalk?  As is a person riding the bike against traffic runs into the car pulling out of a shopping plaza.  Who would be at fault?  The driver of the

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Private Roads

Question Laurie asked: I work in administration for the St. George Plantation Homeowners Association on St. George Island, FL. Our BOD wants to make it mandatory for all bikers to use the bike path instead of riding on the private

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Four-Wheel Vehicle on the Roadway

Question Marcella asked: Can you ride your four-wheeler in your neighborhood when there are no lines in road or just ride it in your neighborhood?

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Bicycles on Ft. Lauderdale Beaches

Question Patti asked: Can I ride my bike on the sand at Ft. Lauderdale beaches?

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Lane Splitting

Question Bkrassn asked: Is it legal to split the lanes like this cyclist does? What are the relevant sections of law?

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Operating an Unregistered Gas Assist Motorized Bicycle

  Question David asked: The question on everyone’s mind is….Is it a criminal offense to drive a gas bike on public highways without getting arrested. No it’s not legal to drive a gas bike on public highways. The crime would

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Driver’s License

Question Ibrahim asked: According to the law, does one require a rider licence to ride a bicycle in Florida. If yes, how do I go about getting one?

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Gas Bike Legal?

Question Jake asked: Is there any way I can make my gas bike street legal and if so what age and what license would I need to do so?

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