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Traffic Stops

Question Brugh asked: What is the full detailed procedure & legal line of questions & requests allowed & enforced by law during a routine bicycle traffic stop?

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Club Rides Taking the Travel Lane

Question Gary asked: In Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores FL, Gulf Blvd is one lane divided by a double yellow line which means no passing. There’s a designated bike lane. These groups of bicycle club riders some times blocks

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Parking on a Sidewalk

Question Joel asked: I live in Fort Lauderdale and own an old Puch moped (not a scooter) from the 70s with pedals and that is 50cc or less. I have recently been fined for parking on the sidewalk. Am I

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Driver or Pedestrian?

Question Alex asked: So I got a ticket while riding my bike in Lake Mary at the intersection of Lake Mary Blvd. and Rhinehart Rd. for essentially failing to obey the pedestrian “walk” signal (316.130), even though I rode my

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Stop Sign in a Private Community

Question CJ asked: I live in a housing area with private streets (i.e., we pay for the maintenance of our sidewalks and streets.) We have stop signs. Are bicyclists in our area required to follow Florida law, like stopping at

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Speed Regulation of Bicycles

Question Miguel asked: Is velocity of bicycles on state or local roads regulated in Florida or any other place in USA.

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Bicycle Lights

Question Lisa asked: Can you wear a helmet or hat with a light on it instead of a light on your bicycle?

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Orange Bicycles

Question Lynn asked:  What is the significance of the orange bikes which are chained to sign posts around Western Delray Beach? The number of bikes keeps growing! There are at least four of them along the Atlantic Ave. corridor between

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Bicycle License

Question Dolores asked: Do you have to have a registered license plate for a bicycle in order to ride on streets or highways in the state of Florida?

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Motorized Three-wheel Vehicles

Question Werner asked: Please watch our video and advise us if we can ride this on public road? Sidewalks? Bike paths? We also have a electric pedelc = pedal assist motor (you still need to pedal the bike). We can

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