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Legal Bike Helmet Headset?

Question Ian asked: I noticed this new “Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet” on kickstarter: and wondered whether it would be legal in Florida. Florida bans all vehicle operators (not just cyclists) wearing “headset, headphone, or other listening device”, but

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Making Right Turns

Question Carter asked: I was stopped at a red light. The light turned green and I proceeded to turn right. A cyclist was passing everyone stopped and as I turned he swerved around behind me, yelling explicits and hand gestures

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Sidewalk Cycling in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties

Question Stacey asked: I wish to know if biking on sidewalks is allowed in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties in Florida.

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Stopping on a Bike Lane

Question Amy asked: I have looked at the bike lane parking info posted and it has been very informative. I just wanted to get your input about the legality of momentarily pulling into a bike lane to pick up a

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Apartment Bicycle Parking

Question Nicole asked: Should my apartment complex provide the residents with bike parking racks? I live in an apartment complex and residents cant park their bikes underneath the stairs, on their balcony or inside their apartment. The apartment complex lacks

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Crossing Between Intersections

Question Harry asked: Is it legal for a pedestrian or bicyclist (who is riding on the sidewalk) to cross Norvell Bryant Hwy between the signalized intersections of Ottawa Ave. and Forest Ridge Blvd. in Citrus County? ( ) Section

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Unlawful Passing

Question Jeff asked: Had an incident today where we were passed on a downhill double yellow line by a truck. Unfortunately for me the driver of the truck lived at the bottom of the hill and came over directly in

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Remain One Foot from Curb?

Question Dylan asked: What do I say when a police officer tells me that I must stay within 12 inches of the curb?

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Parking in a Bike Lane

Question David asked: In July on this year my brother was killed in a bicycle accident. He was riding in a neighborhood bike lane, marked as a bike lane with a bicycle and arrow, he ran into a trailer parked

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Drivers Leaving a Shopping Plaza

Question Karen asked: “On the roadway”, does this also include the sidewalk?  As is a person riding the bike against traffic runs into the car pulling out of a shopping plaza.  Who would be at fault?  The driver of the

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