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Bike Lanes Required?

Question Anon asked: The Palmer Ranch Association in Sarasota County is proposing a large community center on Palmer Ranch Parkway where there is NOT a bike lane. From what I see from the plans NO bike lane is under consideration

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Sidewalk Cycling in Fort Lauderdale FL

Question Kevin asked: I know that there are some areas (usually city centers/downtown) that ban bicycle riding on sidewalks altogether but have been having trouble finding local laws concerning bicycle riding. Is it legal to ride a bicycle on sidewalks

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Bicyclists on the Sidewalk or Crosswalk

Question Caroline asked: When a cyclist is on the sidewalk crossing a road that has a light, does the cyclist have to stop if a pedestrian doesn’t have the “walking man.” I live in Gainesville and have seen so many

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Motorized Bicycles

Question George asked: want to know if there’s a specific electric 2-wheeled moped or scooter I can drive without a license? Does it go by a certain amount of watts? Speed? Does it have to have pedals? And can it

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Bicycle Reflectors

Question Tim asked: Are there any requirements to have reflectors on your bicycle tires in Florida?

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Dismount in Crosswalk?

Question Juliet asked: I was wondering after an incident with a crosswalk guard if it was illegal to bike across a crosswalk? I was crossing the street, near my old high school, and a crosswalk guard started yelling at my

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Liability for Bike Crash on Shared-Use Path

Question Diana asked: I have a pretty unique situation. I was on a multipurpose sidewalk bike riding with all my safety equipment, i hand signal a right turn and as i was turning i was hit by another cyclist at

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Child Support and eBikes

Question Marco asked: What is the Florida state law on riding an ebike on a suspended license for non-payment of child support? I’ve never been in an accident, DUI or ever had an infraction where points were taken from my

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Motorized Bikes

Question Jerry asked: What is the law now? Can you ride your bike? I have a couple of gas bikes and I have 3 electric 3 wheelers. Can I ride them and be within the law?

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Legal Bike Helmet Headset?

Question Ian asked: I noticed this new “Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet” on kickstarter: and wondered whether it would be legal in Florida. Florida bans all vehicle operators (not just cyclists) wearing “headset, headphone, or other listening device”, but

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