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Question Michael asked: Due to a recent accident our club is reviewing safety on club rides. The club may require ride leaders and sweeps to carry and use whistles. I have doubts as to whether this is legal, having read

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Sidewalk/Roadway Rights and Duties

Question Phillip asked: My understanding is in Florida that if I ride my bike on the sidewalk I am considered a pedestrian for all practical purposes. If I am on the sidewalk and come to a red light, can I

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Two Abreast in Key West

Question Tom asked: Is it lawful to ride two abreast on narrow Key West two-way (One lane each way) streets?

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Riding Abreast

Question Keegan asked: My brother has been to worlds for triathalons for the past 3 years and we both have had question about his training and we haven’t been able to find answers to them for a long time…he trains

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Bike Lane Card on Window

Question Howard asked: Can you place a card stating it is” illegal to park in bike lane” on windshield of car that is parked in the bike lane?

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Max Power for a Bicycle

Question Dalton asked: Are there restrictions on what size of engine you can put on a bicycle or tricycle?

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Passengers in a Bike Trailer

Question Robert asked: I bought a trailer to carry cargo. It has 180 pound max capacity. The question I have, since this is our only transportation, I would like to carry a passenger on the trailer once in a while,

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Register Bicycles?

Question Horace asked: Why do I have to register my bicycle in the state of Florida?

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SAG Vehicle Support for a Group Ride

Question Natalia asked: Due to the last accident on eastbound State Road 84 that killed 2 cyclists and injured many others I am concerned about going out there again to ride by myself or in a group. I heard it

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Side by Side Cycling

Question Joe asked: Recent tragedy in Davie FL on SR 84. Two cyclists were killed when a driver hit the outside column of riders. Is it legal under FL statute for cyclists to ride side by side in columns on

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