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Motorcycles Passing Bicycles?

Question Kathryn asked: Does someone on a motorcycle have to give a cyclist 3 feet like cars do? Also is the state’s 3 foot law applicable on a military base?

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Driver’s License and Registration Required?

Question Dave asked: I’m a Senior and just bought a bicycle to ride. I see LOTS of information here about every other kind of bicycle-type vehicle, but I can’t easily find any information regarding whether or not you must have

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Height of eBike

Question Dorothy asked: Is there a height restriction on the use of the electric bike?

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Lights Too Bright?

Question Paul asked: What’s the brightest in lumens my light can be? Just got a one that’s 8000 lumens and it seems to be too bright.

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Question Dean asked: Is an e bike with the following specs legal in the state of Florida: 500 w motor, fully operational pedals – bike can be manually operated, no pedal assist, Class 2 throttle, top speed 20 mph. The

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Crossing in Front of Stopped Vehicles

Question Giles asked: When a bicyclist is traveling from one side of the roadway to another and comes up upon a roadway/driveway when vehicles are stopped waiting to make a turn into on coming traffic, is the bicyclist required to

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Stop Sign

Question Kathy asked: I received a ticket this evening for failure to stop at a stop sign. Also from the left came a man on a bicycle and was hit by my failure to stop at the stop sign. The

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J. Steele Olmstead Stated: I just wanted to thank you for all you years of answering the questions that cyclists and pedestrians have asked you. It is a large and, I bet, sometimes frustrating undertaking dealing with Florida Statutes and

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Bike Route Signs

Question Vale asked: Bicycle symbol sign: What is the law regarding obligation to install a ‘TWO-WAY BIKE ROUTE’ sign at and for a street ahead of its intersection with the bicycle route in order to inform the drivers about the

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Red Light at T-intersection

Question Mark asked: If a cyclist is riding in a bike lane or shoulder and come upon a red light, must the cyclist stop if the only intersecting road is on the opposite lane (a T-intersection)? Is there a difference

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