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Four-Wheel Vehicle on the Roadway

Question Marcella asked: Can you ride your four-wheeler in your neighborhood when there are no lines in road or just ride it in your neighborhood?

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Bicycles on Ft. Lauderdale Beaches

Question Patti asked: Can I ride my bike on the sand at Ft. Lauderdale beaches?

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Lane Splitting

Question Bkrassn asked: Is it legal to split the lanes like this cyclist does? What are the relevant sections of law?

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Operating an Unregistered Gas Assist Motorized Bicycle

  Question David asked: The question on everyone’s mind is….Is it a criminal offense to drive a gas bike on public highways without getting arrested. No it’s not legal to drive a gas bike on public highways. The crime would

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Driver’s License

Question Ibrahim asked: According to the law, does one require a rider licence to ride a bicycle in Florida. If yes, how do I go about getting one?

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Gas Bike Legal?

Question Jake asked: Is there any way I can make my gas bike street legal and if so what age and what license would I need to do so?

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Sidewalk Cycling in Seminole County

Question Susan asked: Is it illegal to ride bikes on sidewalks in Seminole County?

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Color and Brightness of Bicycle Lights

Question John asked: Most of the time I ride in full dark between 4:00 am and 5:30 am due to the sparseness of cars on the little circuit I follow in my neighborhood. I think I understand the minimum lighting

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Jaywalking Citation for a Cyclist?

  Question Heather asked: Can a jaywalking ticket be legally issued to a bicyclist that never put a foot off the bicycle, or even legally issued at all?

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Penalties for Driving without License

Question Matthew asked: Do people get pulled over for riding an ebike with a throttle (no pedal) option without a license (and/or arrested, fined, etc.)? The definition “bicycle propelled by a combination of human power and an electric helper motor”

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