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Lights When on the Sidewalk or Bike Path?

Question Jessica asked: Are mounted lights required on a bike trail away from traffic at night?

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Which Side of the Roadway?

Question Erin asked: Which statue tells you what side of the road a bicyclist has to ride in the state of Florida? And by Florida state law you have to ride with the flow of traffic while riding a bicycle,

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Crosswalk Crash

Question Ryder asked: The scene is one person is riding their bike on the sidewalk East Bound in Orlando city limits and there is also a Bike route on the road, but they choose to ride on the sidewalk, going

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Local Ordinance and eBikes

Question Mike asked: Can a local government outlaw or regulate use of e-bikes even though the e-bike meets the statutory definition of an e-bike?

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Pedestrian Walking Bike

Question Sandra asked: When walking your bicycle on a road are you considered a pedestrian?

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Motor Scooter

Question Steve asked: I have an electric scooter (““) – speed is less than 20mph. It has no pedals, but FL law says “human power and an electric helper motor”. This is a traditional scooter so no pedals but could

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Bicycles on UCF Campus Sidewalks and Roadways

Question Kyminda asked: What is the law for a bike rider who is riding on the sidewalk on UCF campus as far as: Is it legal to ride on the sidewalk in UCF campus? Do they have to ride on

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Incident on Private Property

Question Jeff asked: If a car hit a person that was part on sidewalk and part on road, on a private road with no stop sign, who is at fault?

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Golf Carts on Sidewalks

Question Adrian asked: My cricket (2017) mobity cart has directional signals, lights, etc. We permanently carry our Florida disability tag on vehicle. Question #1. Is it allowable for us to drive it on wide sidewalks and off the street, of

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Motorized Bicycle

Question Tony asked: I currently just bought a XB504 e bike it looks like a moped but its set up like an ebike even has pedals it does not go more than 20mph. Do I need to register it? Is

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