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Gas Bike on the Sidewalk

Question Keith asked: Can a 49cc gas motorized bicycle be driven on side walks if can’t be driven on roads if 49cc and be ride at 5-10 mpH with my grocery from the store on sidewalks, tired of pedaling, so

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10 Year Old and Gas Powered Bike

Question n howard asked: A ten year old in my neighborhood drives a gasoline motored bike. Is this legal? It’s very loud, and I fear backing into it since it is faster than standard bikes.

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Impeding Other Traffic

Question Sean asked: A group of riders and myself (also a rider) were discussing the age old question of whether it’s better, from both a safety and legality standpoint, whether it’s better for us to ride single file in our

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Question Debra asked: My adult child rides home on his bike at night. He wears a headband that has a headlight and a flashing red light on the back. He was stopped by Daytona Beach for not having lights and

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Helmets and Park Rules

Question Dennis asked: I’m 62 and haven’t ridden a bike for years. Can you tell me if I need a helmet by law? Other basic laws? I will carry the bike to a park on bike rack to a park,

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Gas Generator for Electric Motor

Question Troy asked: Do the same electric bicycle laws in Florida still apply if I use a gasoline motor as a generator to power the electric assist motor instead of a battery?

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eBikes in Williston

Question Chester asked: Can an electric bicycle be ridden on the streets and sidewalks in Williston, Florida.

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Bells on Bikes

Question James asked: I just read that bicyclists can not use bells or whistles. I use a bell to alert pedestrians I am behind them. It is more cordial than blowing my 115 db air horn which I reserve for

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Modern Helmets

Question James asked: I have read the law prohibiting headsets except for single earpieces that receive phone calls, presumably to leave one ear open for ambient sound. I have bone a conduction headset that is capable of receiving phone calls.

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Question Carole asked: At a 4 way intersection, I have the permitted light to cross, yet the cars on my left have a green light and start to take a right onto the road I’m trying to cross. Today, dozens

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