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Motorized Scooters

Question Nir asked: I’m trying to find if driving an electric stand kick scooter is legal or not, and where it’s allowed. For example, the scooter I own is a EcoReco, max speed 20mph, 250 watts, with no seat.

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Officer Must Witness Incident

Question Joe asked: I ride my bicycle to work and back each day. Most of the commute is on rural roads with a wide shoulder but not technically a marked bike lane. This morning, while I was riding on the

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Moped or Scooter Driver’s License

Question Jose asked:  What size moped or scooter can I drive with my DUIs on the road with no license?

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eBike Lights

Question Wayne asked: None of my lights are working on my e-bike. Can I still operate it?

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Motorist Always Gets the Ticket?

Question Sabrena asked: I am a safe driver for over 34 years, and I have ridden bikes on the road and encourage my 4 young children to ride their bikes. My dilemma involves an irresponsible bicyclist who traveled fast against

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Motorized Bikes

Question Dale asked: It seems like there is no correct answer about riding a motorized bike in Florida. I have checked a few sites and no straight up answer. I see them a lot down on front Street. I even

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Pedestrians in Bike Lanes

Question Susan asked: My question has to do with cycling on a marked bike lane within a gated community that has a golf course and golf carts are also riding in the bike lane. The lane is specifically marked as

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Gas Bike

Question Mike asked: A gas bike. How do I get a tag to drive it on the road?

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Bike Lane and Sidewalk Obstructions

Question Michael asked: Is there a system to report road hazards related to bicycle lanes? Areas in question are while riding past construction zones where the contractors are leaving debris from their construction project in the. bicycle lane even after

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Dangerous Sidewalk Cyclist

Question Gary asked: I am a 69 year old jogger, I have been literally assaulted by a certain bicyclist who drives his bicycle straight at me, challenging me, well he wins every time. I really want to not get out

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