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Parking on a Sidewalk

Question Dorcas asked: My neighbors block my husband’s wheel chair by parking their 6-bikes and 1-motorize child motorcycle on the sidewalk.  We can never get down the sidewalk in front of our building.  We go in the other direction hoping

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On Your Left

Question Al asked: I ride my bicycle for exercise and wondering if you are going to be passed by another bicycle if they should give some sort of warning. Lately I have been passed by guys in full battle gear

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Stop Signs on Shared-Use Paths

Question HarryB asked: STOP signs are common traffic control devices facing people on shared-use paths that run parallel to the road and are located within the highway’s right-of-way. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I believe that their installation defies state law,

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What Roads Can cyclists Use?

Question Jonathan asked: Which roads in Florida am I able to ride on, I know not i-4 or the interstates-75,90,10 and the turnpike’s, which others?

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Registration Required?

Question Elena asked: I have a bicycle operated cafe that will be operating business in south Florida. Does the bicycle need to be registered as a vehicle? It has a small electric motor to assist on going up hills, etc.

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Blue Lights?

Question Frank asked: Is it legal or illegal to have blue lights on your bike? I have red white and blue and I don’t want to get in any trouble over it.

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Motor-Assist Bicycles on Sidewalks

Question Jim asked: The statute states, no vehicle other than by human power is permitted upon a bicycle path, sidewalk, etc. A bicycle propelled by a combination of human power and electric helper capable of propelling the vehicle at a

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Opening a Car Door

Question Katia asked: In the morning, in front of her high school, my daughter open the door’s car and a friend hit it with a his bike. We asked him if he was ok, and he said “yes, but you

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Bicycles Use Sidewalk

Question Nathan asked: Page 48 shows the sign, which will be posted on SR 46 (not a freeway). Page 18 shows the placement, used to get bikes to the right of a merging ramp. Is this legal?

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Bicycles in Crosswalks

Question Nikki asked: I understand that a bicyclist has the same rights and must follow the same rules as a pedestrian but is it true that once a bicyclist rides across a cross walk he gives up that right and

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