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Bus Stopped in Bike Lane

Question Steven asked: What are Florida’s rules and regulations on transit buses crossing and stopping in designated bike lanes to pick up and drop off passengers?

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Making Right Turns

Question Jacquie asked: Is it illegal if an X-Treme E-Bike passes a motor vehicle on the right when the motor vehicle is taking a right hand turn? Doesn’t the driver of the X-Treme E-Bike need to abide by all traffic

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Sidewalk cycling in Lake Worth

Question Mary asked: I am wondering about local ordinance in Lake Worth Florida about legalities of riding my bike on the sidewalks with Lake Worth, FL.  Can I ride a bike on Lake Worth, FL sidewalks? I see the Florida

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Child Damages

Question Melissa asked: Is there a law or statute in Florida that states if a child damages a vehicle with his bike on accident that the parents are responsible for the damage?

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Crosswalk Lights

Question Patricia asked: I do a lot of biking on the Pinellas Trail. There are a number of places where the trail crosses a road, and flashing yellow lights are installed for the crosswalk. What is the responsibility of motorists

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Question Rafael asked: Hello. I am paraplegic and intend to do a handbike crossing throughout the state of Florida. I have some doubts. Do the same rules for bikes also apply to the handbike? Are there any restrictions on using

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Mini Motorcycles

Question Brandi asked: I live in Florida and I just want to know if children have little motorcycles can they ride those on sidewalks or do they have to ride in the road?

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Gas Powered Bike

Question Sean asked: I was told today that the laws have changed about registering a gas powered bike. I was told that they are not doing that any longer and all are illegal also that ebikes must have a 750

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Gas Motor Bike

Question Gilbert asked: Can I ride a gas bicycle 2 stroke in Pensacola?

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Is a Xich lo a bicycle?

Question Daniel asked: I have an actual Vietnamese xich lo. If unfamiliar with a xich lo, it is basically a bicycle frame that has a place for passengers to ride attached to its front. Its probably easier just to Google

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