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Dirt Bike on Right of Way

Question Michael asked: Is it illegal to ride my dirt bike on the side of the road with my dirt bike in Florida since it is not street legal? Answer Operating a motor vehicle on the right of way of

Video Evidence

Question Kenneth asked: I’m a daily 25-mile bicycle commuter. I try hard to lead by example, wearing full safety equipment and lighting, following all traffic rules (including full-stops at stop-signs) and generally be a courteous road sharer. Despite this, I

Cyclists Stop at Stop Signs

Question Vanessa asked: Can we use the stop sign as a yield sign? Answer Please see this post.

Crash and No Citation

Question Clayton asked: Thursday April 11th at 11:40 My wife was struck by a car while we were cycling on Gulf Blvd close to the Don CeSar. My wife and I were in a lane of traffic that had a

Safe Passing Distance

Question Joe the Bike Man asked: Is there a Florida Law about a minimum distance from a cyclist that a motorist should be when passing the bicycle?  Some state have what is a called a 4-foot or 5-foot law Answer

Motorized Scooter in a Bike Lane

Question John asked: I have an electric motorized scooter. It has no seat or paddles. Its maximum speed is 18.6 mph. Does it require a driver’s license? I know I’m not allowed to ride it on the road or sidewalk

Patrol Belt

Question Howard asked: Recently I asked about placing cards on trucks and cars parked in the bike lane. This actually works and I have seen trucks move after finding the cards. I wonder if wearing a patrol belt while riding

Sidewalk Cyclist and Emergency Vehicles

Question Glen asked: If riding on sidewalk, but not at intersection, do I need to stop when an emergency vehicle is passing by? Answer Drivers of vehicles in the roadway are required to yield to an emergency vehicle or other

Confusing Crossing

Question Harry asked: A couple of weeks ago FDOT realigned a popular shared-use path (“trail”) so it crosses a roadway much closer to the nearby signalized intersection. At the old location STOP signs faced trail users as they approached the

Legal Search?

Question Mary asked: Can an officer go inside pockets without doing a pat down first and when the civilian states no consent to search and the reason for the stop was not true? The stop was because the cop claimed