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Riding Two or More Abreast

Question Sandy asked: I live in Weston, FL, where there are specific bike lanes. However there are “clubs” that ride together, 2-3-4-5 abreast at times that literally take over the entire right lane for drivers of autos. Is this legal?

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Bike Lanes and Stop Signs

Question Stephanie asked: I live in Destin, FL. There are quite a few bike lanes. I am in full support of cyclist safety. My question is are cyclists, riding in bike lanes, supposed to stop at four way stops. It

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Gas Motor Bicycle

Question Chris asked:  I have a gas-powered bicycle. Is it legal for me to drive with a suspended license?

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Motorized Scooter?

Question M asked: Would you consider the City Bug 2 a scooter that travels only 15 miles per hour that can be purchased at Brookstone a motorized scooter or a Segway seeing as how it doesn’t have a seat?

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Motorized Bike in Bay County

Question Dale asked: In Bay County FL can you have a motorized bikecycle on the streets?

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Is this a Bicycle?

Question Esver asked: The way I read the Florida Statutes the Whizzy Ride e-bike should be considered legal. It can be propelled by human power or the motor can run it under 20 MPH and the seat is above 25

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eBike on Pinellas Trail?

Question William asked: I have an e-bike (maximum speed 20 mph) which I would like to use on the Pinellas Trail and Duke Energy Trail in Clearwater, FL. The trail rangers may have different instructions for different parts of the

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Register Bikes in St. Pete?

Question Laurie asked: Don’t know if my nephew is pulling my leg or just trying to get me to send him beer money. He said he needs $65 to register his bicycle with the police in St. Petersburg, Fl.

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Motor Vehicle on Sidewalk

Question Perry asked: I have any battery operated scooter only goes 20 miles an hour. Can I ride on the sidewalk instead of the street?

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Bicyclists Must Ride the Edge Line?

Question Yaroslav asked: I had encountered a furious driver, an unproductive argument (with crazy cussing from him) led to calling the police. In short, cops asked me if I rode this road before and where in particular I was on

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