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Bicycles Use Sidewalk

Question Nathan asked: Page 48 shows the sign, which will be posted on SR 46 (not a freeway). Page 18 shows the placement, used to get bikes to the right of a merging ramp. Is this legal?

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Bicycles in Crosswalks

Question Nikki asked: I understand that a bicyclist has the same rights and must follow the same rules as a pedestrian but is it true that once a bicyclist rides across a cross walk he gives up that right and

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Bikes in Apartment Areas

Question Sandy asked: Can you advise the Florida law, or even Pasco County law on bicycles left in the breezeway of an apartment complex.

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Motorcycles on a Paved Shoulder

Question Kris asked: Though lane splitting is illegal in FL can a motorcycle ride the shoulder to pass heavy traffic, 30 mph or less?

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Bells and Horns on Bikes

Question David asked: Are bikes required to have bells or horns. It only seems logical that they have either in order to warn pedestrians when approaching them, especially from the rear. I believe cars are required to have horns. If

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Driver’s License Required?

Question Ben asked: Would I need a licence to travel on a gas powered bicycle that goes 45mph for private use only. I will not be delivering pizza’s or newspapers just going from one place to the other enjoying the

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Question Dave asked: Do you need a bicycle license or permit to ride your bicycle in Florida? If so where do you obtain them?

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Bike Lights and Paved Shoulders

Question Jeremiah asked: I need to ride a bike to work. There is not a sidewalk to ride on along the highway to or from my home and work. Since I have to ride on the shoulder, do I have

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Riding Against the Flow of Traffic

Question James asked: Is it illegal to ride a bicycle against the flow of traffic down a one-way street in Florida?

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Making a Right Turn Across a Bike Lane

Question Myriam asked: If I am driving down sunset street and there is a bicycle path to my right and I need to make a right turn on 137th avenue, do I turn right from my lane, or do I

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