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Electric Moped

Question Natalia asked:  Is it allowed to drive/ride an electric moped without a driver’s license? I know you need one for gas powered ones but for electric ones you need a license or registration? Answer A moped can be either gas

Orlando Airport Access

Question George asked:  Can I ride my Bicycle through the Orlando Airport, traveling north or south on Access Road/ Jeff Fuqua Blvd Answer That appears to be a limited access roadway and if so, bicycles are not permitted. s. 316.091 – Limited Access Facilities;

Many Lights

Question Richard asked:  I came across a bike rider on A1A with about 25-30 blinking LED lights on the back and about 15 blinking white lights on the front. It wasn’t good. Too bright and distracting to drivers. What’s the law

Crosswalk Lights

Question Jeffrey asked:  Many busy streets have non-intersection crosswalks, where pedestrians activate flashing yellow (not red) lights to alert traffic to stop to allow pedestrians to cross: Is it legal for a bicyclist to use these if they are not walking

Gas Motor Bike

Question Harry asked:  I was charged with driving without a license and operation of unregistered vehicle and it was a bike with a 2-stroke motor 49cc.   It’s a crying shame I got arrested for a bike but can they do that in

Four Wheeled Vehicle

Question Scarlette asked:  I have an idea to build a 4 wheeled bike with a frame similar to a car mainly running on human power and a small electric motor. I have some questions concerning what would be allowed and what


Question Steven asked:  Since bikes must follow the rules of the road, is it required to install side view mirrors if we plan on biking on a road? Answer Although it is hardly known, the following statute applies to all vehicles.  A

Reckless Driving?

Question Kimberly asked:  My questions: Is riding more than two abreast something you can be arrested for? Is it consider reckless or careless driving? (I guess I am wondering: Is impeding traffic because you are two apart reckless?) If you are

Law Enforcement

Question Beau asked: Good morning. For local governments whom are not enforcing bicycle lane laws, to which State of Florida agency, should cyclists report or contact to? FDOT or FLHSMV? As a cyclists myself, my local city government is not

Sidewalks in Tampa

Question Marlon asked:  Is it legal to ride my bicycle on Tampa sidewalks? Answer In general, it is legal to ride on sidewalks unless a local ordinance to the contrary is in effect. s. 316.2065 – Bicycle Regulations (9) A person