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Question Arianne asked: If people can’t ride an electric scooter that is only 10 mph on a side walk but can’t ride it on side of road either then how is it allowed that they can even be sold? Some

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Stop Signs Facing Bike Paths

Question Will asked: Living in central Florida give me the chance to ride some of the best Rail Trails in the USA. So many bike friendly towns in FL have wonderful signage to protect bike riders at marked crosswalks. Sanibel

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The Basic Laws about Bicycling in Florida

Question Chris asked: I moved here from Colorado in June and within the first 60 days have already been hit by a car (still going though litigation). Although I am back on the bike and on the roads, I am

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Lights When on the Sidewalk or Bike Path?

Question Jessica asked: Are mounted lights required on a bike trail away from traffic at night?

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Which Side of the Roadway?

Question Erin asked: Which statue tells you what side of the road a bicyclist has to ride in the state of Florida? And by Florida state law you have to ride with the flow of traffic while riding a bicycle,

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Crosswalk Crash

Question Ryder asked: The scene is one person is riding their bike on the sidewalk East Bound in Orlando city limits and there is also a Bike route on the road, but they choose to ride on the sidewalk, going

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Local Ordinance and eBikes

Question Mike asked: Can a local government outlaw or regulate use of e-bikes even though the e-bike meets the statutory definition of an e-bike?

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Pedestrian Walking Bike

Question Sandra asked: When walking your bicycle on a road are you considered a pedestrian?

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Motor Scooter

Question Steve asked: I have an electric scooter (““) – speed is less than 20mph. It has no pedals, but FL law says “human power and an electric helper motor”. This is a traditional scooter so no pedals but could

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Bicycles on UCF Campus Sidewalks and Roadways

Question Kyminda asked: What is the law for a bike rider who is riding on the sidewalk on UCF campus as far as: Is it legal to ride on the sidewalk in UCF campus? Do they have to ride on

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