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Assault and Battery by Car

Question Tony asked: See: (You may need to copy the link and paste it in your browser) It is reported that a motorist ran his car into a group of cyclists three times. Then, he is reported to have

Informing Law Enforcement of the Laws

Question Harry asked: Last Saturday (4/19/14) I was on my group’s morning ride of about 12-16 riders. We were riding 2 abreast to the far left of the right hand lane on a 4 lane road with minimal traffic. I

Congratulations to Lt. Pete Kelting

Enforcement Officer of the Year: Pete Kelting, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. Award presented by FBA’s Law Enforcement Program director, George Martin. Lt. Pete Kelting of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office is a friend of cyclists. As a former Seminole County