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Question Carole asked: At a 4 way intersection, I have the permitted light to cross, yet the cars on my left have a green light and start to take a right onto the road I’m trying to cross. Today, dozens

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Age to Operate a Motorcycle

Question Pedro asked: Are 13 year olds able to ride motorcycle in the streets?

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Bikes on Daytona Beach

Question Rhett asked: Can I ride my bicycle anywhere on the sand of Daytona Beach?

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Question Jose asked: Can I use any headset to listen to music while riding the bike?

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Question Roberta asked: Florida laws regarding the use on and off road for the ELF?

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Keep Right and Stop Signs

Question Beth asked: A few situations have happened and I am questioning if the police officer is correct. Riding bike down a 2-lane road with no available shoulder. How much lane usage can I take up? I got stopped for

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Bus Stopped in Bike Lane

Question Steven asked: What are Florida’s rules and regulations on transit buses crossing and stopping in designated bike lanes to pick up and drop off passengers?

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Making Right Turns

Question Jacquie asked: Is it illegal if an X-Treme E-Bike passes a motor vehicle on the right when the motor vehicle is taking a right hand turn? Doesn’t the driver of the X-Treme E-Bike need to abide by all traffic

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Sidewalk cycling in Lake Worth

Question Mary asked: I am wondering about local ordinance in Lake Worth Florida about legalities of riding my bike on the sidewalks with Lake Worth, FL.  Can I ride a bike on Lake Worth, FL sidewalks? I see the Florida

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Child Damages

Question Melissa asked: Is there a law or statute in Florida that states if a child damages a vehicle with his bike on accident that the parents are responsible for the damage?

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