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Mini Motorcycles

Question Brandi asked: I live in Florida and I just want to know if children have little motorcycles can they ride those on sidewalks or do they have to ride in the road?

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Gas Powered Bike

Question Sean asked: I was told today that the laws have changed about registering a gas powered bike. I was told that they are not doing that any longer and all are illegal also that ebikes must have a 750

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Gas Motor Bike

Question Gilbert asked: Can I ride a gas bicycle 2 stroke in Pensacola?

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Is a Xich lo a bicycle?

Question Daniel asked: I have an actual Vietnamese xich lo. If unfamiliar with a xich lo, it is basically a bicycle frame that has a place for passengers to ride attached to its front. Its probably easier just to Google

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Bicycles Yield to Pedestrians on Sidewalks

Question David asked: I live in a HOA community, which has certain guidelines as well as city ordinance for curbing and leashing dogs. I was walking my dog as usual in my community and was on common area side walk,

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Old Bikes in a Bike Rack

Question Margaret asked:  There are rusty bikes chained to the bike rack in my Sarasota Florida condo complex. I know they have not been moved for 3 years. Can I remove them and dispose of them legally? If not what

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Parking on a Sidewalk

Question Dorcas asked: My neighbors block my husband’s wheel chair by parking their 6-bikes and 1-motorize child motorcycle on the sidewalk.  We can never get down the sidewalk in front of our building.  We go in the other direction hoping

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On Your Left

Question Al asked: I ride my bicycle for exercise and wondering if you are going to be passed by another bicycle if they should give some sort of warning. Lately I have been passed by guys in full battle gear

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Stop Signs on Shared-Use Paths

Question HarryB asked: STOP signs are common traffic control devices facing people on shared-use paths that run parallel to the road and are located within the highway’s right-of-way. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I believe that their installation defies state law,

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What Roads Can cyclists Use?

Question Jonathan asked: Which roads in Florida am I able to ride on, I know not i-4 or the interstates-75,90,10 and the turnpike’s, which others?

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