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Crossing in Front of Stopped Vehicles

Question Giles asked: When a bicyclist is traveling from one side of the roadway to another and comes up upon a roadway/driveway when vehicles are stopped waiting to make a turn into on coming traffic, is the bicyclist required to

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Stop Sign

Question Kathy asked: I received a ticket this evening for failure to stop at a stop sign. Also from the left came a man on a bicycle and was hit by my failure to stop at the stop sign. The

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J. Steele Olmstead Stated: I just wanted to thank you for all you years of answering the questions that cyclists and pedestrians have asked you. It is a large and, I bet, sometimes frustrating undertaking dealing with Florida Statutes and

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Bike Route Signs

Question Vale asked: Bicycle symbol sign: What is the law regarding obligation to install a ‘TWO-WAY BIKE ROUTE’ sign at and for a street ahead of its intersection with the bicycle route in order to inform the drivers about the

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Red Light at T-intersection

Question Mark asked: If a cyclist is riding in a bike lane or shoulder and come upon a red light, must the cyclist stop if the only intersecting road is on the opposite lane (a T-intersection)? Is there a difference

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Limited Access Highways

Question William asked: I am involved in a situation concerning this very statute 316.091. We were biking eastbound on US92 past the Hard Rock Casino. There is a dedicated bike lane that follows US 92, which is Hillsborough Avenue. The

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Motorized Vehicles on Bike Paths

Question Joe asked: I have been doing some reading and it appears that gasoline assisted bicycles are not legally permitted to operate on a road, where as electrically propelled bikes (under 20mph) are. What about bike paths where not specifically

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Collision with Bike on a Sidewalk

Question Adam asked: Is there a direction of travel I must take when bicycling on the pavement or walking path? I was recently struck by a vehicle coming out of a parking lot while riding on the sidewalk against the

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Riding Two Abreast

Question Mark asked: Do double pacelines violate the statute with reference to riding two abreast when one or both lead riders rotate to the back of the line? At that point, they will be riding three or four abreast.

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Electric Scooters

Question John asked: Are electric scooters allowed to drive on the sidewalk while going over a bridge?

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