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Incident on Private Property

Question Jeff asked: If a car hit a person that was part on sidewalk and part on road, on a private road with no stop sign, who is at fault?

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Golf Carts on Sidewalks

Question Adrian asked: My cricket (2017) mobity cart has directional signals, lights, etc. We permanently carry our Florida disability tag on vehicle. Question #1. Is it allowable for us to drive it on wide sidewalks and off the street, of

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Motorized Bicycle

Question Tony asked: I currently just bought a XB504 e bike it looks like a moped but its set up like an ebike even has pedals it does not go more than 20mph. Do I need to register it? Is

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Rude Sidewalk Bicyclists

Question Lisa asked: The bicyclists in our neighborhood have made walking to and from school a nightmare. The adults bike with their children on the sidewalk, and in my ten minute walk to the school, I am forced off the

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Bicyclists Rights and Duties

Question Buck asked: Can I ride my 3 wheel bike on New Tampa hwy in Lakeland, Fl between N Galloway Rd and George Jenkins Blvd in low traffic times during the day.

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Bicycling in a Parking Lot

Question Kelby asked: Is it legal to ride a bicycle in a parking lot?

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Motorized Scooter

Question Earnest asked: I have a 1000 watt electric scooter and live in Florida. I was stopped today and told that my scooter is over the wattage for it to be legal for me to ride without a license. The

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Avoiding a Traffic Signal

Question Evan asked: May a cyclist conduct a lawful right on red and then a u-turn and then a right hand turn to expedite travel through a red light?  I have reviewed your posts on motorists crossing double yellows to

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Electric Motorcycle

Question Mike asked: Am I allowed to be riding a Zero brand electric motorcycle?

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Motorized Scooters

Question Nir asked: I’m trying to find if driving an electric stand kick scooter is legal or not, and where it’s allowed. For example, the scooter I own is a EcoReco, max speed 20mph, 250 watts, with no seat.

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