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EBike or Moped?

Question Ronald asked: I bought an electric scooter that goes up to 25mph–It also has pedals in case battery dies out–I was told by the seller that there is no license required-yes or no?

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Violation of the Three Foot Law

Question Brian asked: Can you clarify what the fines are for state and county roads for violators who do not give cyclists 3 feet of space? Are there any demerit points? Is there a record of actually how many such

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Dirt Bikes

Question Sebastian asked: Can you ride a pit bike/dirt bike on the street going the speed limit?

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Kids on Scooters

Question Kevin asked: What are the laws and regulations about kids riding on a 49cc scooter in Florida?

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eBikes on Beaches

Question Robert asked: Are there any provisions in the law about motorized/electric bikes riding on the beach. With these newer fat tire electric bikes that can do 28mph this could be a problem.

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Question Toast asked: Have you considered adding a section about headphones. It’s my understanding that headphones are considered illegal unless one ear is uncovered and it’s to be used in conjunction with a phone. Something like a Bluetooth hearing device.

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eBike, Moped or Motorcycle?

Question Cindy asked: I am a member of the Board of the Sarasota-Manatee Bicycle club. We are starting to have members join our group rides using E-Bikes. The Board has asked me to research E-bikes and come back with some

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Driving on the Left Side of a Four-Lane Roadway

Question Scott asked: Are there any statutes or exceptions for the following scenario?  Bicycle driver riding on left side of road, two lanes in each direction, no bike lane or curb. The reason on left side of road was she

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Handicap Mobility Scooter

Question Dennis asked: Can you drive a handicap mobility scooter on Florida roads and highways, or a golf course community road. Can you drive a handicap mobility scooter at night? 

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Bicycles in Ft. Lauderdale

Question Shannon asked: Is a biker required to use a bike lane even if they do not feel it is safe? For example, in Fort Lauderdale, there is a bike lane going over the 17th street causeway. There is also

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