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More Motorized Bicycles

Question Punkie commented: The way you have your page is more confusing than helpful when trying to state the facts. I know from first hand what the state laws are for any motorized bicycle either it be electric or by

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Gas motors #25?

Question Daniel asked: I am required by law to obtain the SR22 insurance package due to my recent driving record. I decided to stop driving entirely to avoid the insurance package at the moment. I wanted to know if I

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Motor Scooter

Question Erika asked: I have a Tao Tao e-bike that looks like a small scooter.  I have seen these ridden on the sidewalk here in Hernando County.  I called the Sheriff’s Office to inquire on what they prefer here in

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Another Gas Motor Question

Question James asked: Is a valid driver’s license required to operate a 49 cc gas powered motor scooter in the state of Florida? Is registration required?

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Bikes with Gas Assist Motors – Something New!!

Question Heard of Something New asked: I heard someone, just recently, got a letter from the DMV that said adding a gas motor on a bicycle, still keeps it a bicycle. So how can it not be allowed on public

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Motorized Disability Access Vehicle

Question Shawn asked: Are motorized bicycles considered a mobility device under ADA language about other mobility devices if you are disabled?

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Motorized Bicycle

Question Benjamin asked: Do I need a license and registration for my electric bike in the city of Venice FL?

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Gas-Assist Motors

Question Keuchenberg asked:  I’ve called the Department of Motor vehicles here in Florida and they said that a gas bicycle is considered a “Motorized Bicycle” and does not require a license or registration. I have a Class E license, so

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Motorized Bicycles

Question David asked: A bicycle with a small electric motor that does not go over 20 mph does not require a driver’s license or any other type of license. Is this correct?

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Electric Non-Bike

Question Sean asked:  I have a question regarding electric bicycles and needing a drivers license, registration and should they be on the road or sidewalks and bike lanes? A little bit about my bike: it is only electric (not gas

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