3 Comments on “Motorized Bicycles

  1. Lets make something clear…
    As long as the electric motor is not CAPABLE of propelling the bicycle over 20mph.
    It MUST have some kind of limiter to disallow operating speeds above 20mph.

    NOT legal is an electric motor on a bike that CAN go over 20…
    YOU being the “limiter” is NOT allowed.

    That’s the distinction, that most people kind of “glance over” when getting or making an electric bicycle.

    Any motor of the following type(s) or higher, is CAPABLE of propelling ANY bicycle over 20mph.
    36v – 15a, 48v – 12a. Basically anything over 500w is too powerful.

    I’ve seen people with 48v 15a motors blazing down the road, WAY faster than 20.

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