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Jaywalking on a Bicycle

Question Eric asked:  Here is a news article that has a lot of things wrong with it. But it did make me wonder. Can the police demand that you identify yourself in Florida? Demand that you show ID? Does

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Driver’s License Points

Question Tonya asked: At age 14,15 my son received 4 tickets for riding his bicycle without a helmet. To get his license at 18 he had to pay his fines for these tickets. He will be 19 next month, and

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Rights of Cycling Groups

Question David also asked: Yesterday (Sunday, April 1) on the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami, a police officer was getting all upset about a group of about 50 – 100 cyclists taking up a whole lane of the road. He was

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Motorized Bicycles

We are in the process of reviewing and revising older information on the site. July 17, 2014 – Since this seems to be a popular post, we are adding the most recent information about gas motors on bicycles.  It was

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Electric Trike

Question K A asked:  I just bought an electric trike.  Max speed is 15 mph.  I spent a lot of money on this.  I do not have a drivers’ license.  I ride it back and forth to work.  It does

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Bicycle Licenses 2

Question Louann asked:  I have an electric bike that is 600 watts with pedals.  I have no license and no registration for it. There is no VIN number.  Are the Daytona Police correct in saying I need to have a

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Drivers’ License

Question Judith asked:  What is the penalty for driving a motorized bicycle without a license?

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Question Denise asked: Is identification required on a person when bicycling?

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Points for Bicyclists’ Violations

Question: RC asked:  Can conviction of a moving violation by a bicyclist result in points on that person’s driver’s license?

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