Register Bicycles?


Horace asked: Why do I have to register my bicycle in the state of Florida?


There is no state requirement to register a bicycle. Some local authorities have enacted ordinances requiring local registration. That is different from the state requirement to register motor vehicles.

s. 320.02Registration Required; Application for Registration; Forms

(1) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, every owner or person in charge of a motor vehicle that is operated or driven on the roads of this state shall register the vehicle in this state.

A bicycle is not a motor vehicle.

s. 320.01Definitions, General

(1) “Motor vehicle” means:

(a) An automobile, motorcycle, truck, trailer, …. , or any other vehicle operated on the roads of this state …. but the term does not include ….. bicycles ….

You can check the ordinances for your community to determine if local registration is required. See this post for an example.

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  1. Registration is usually free and in some places done online. If your bike is stolen and you see someone with it since it is registered they can look it up and compare the serial number. If not registered the other person can just say it is their bike and the police can not take the bike from them without proof it is yours. Just register it and be safe.

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