J. Steele Olmstead Stated:

I just wanted to thank you for all you years of answering the questions that cyclists and pedestrians have asked you. It is a large and, I bet, sometimes frustrating undertaking dealing with Florida Statutes and interpretation of the laws and customs of cycling in Florida.

We, the cycling public, and me as a Board Member of the Florida Bicycle Association so appreciate your work and the body of work you have created.

Board Member
Florida Bicycle Association


Many thanks for the kind words. While a board member of FBA and working with the law enforcement community, I became aware of the lack of knowledge and easily available information about the laws related to bicycling. Since the inception of the Ask Geo site in 2014, we have had 563,000 views and answered more than 500 questions.

As a result of the site and readers involvement, we have been able to address a number of issues and resolve many of them. One that stands out is the gas assist motorized bicycle. The DMV guidance was severely lacking. A reader and FBA persisted and were successful in encouraging a new DMV Procedure to better address the question. There is no longer uncertainty about the requirements to make such a vehicle street legal.

As an attorney and board member of FBA, I know you are aware that we still have a long way to

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