Bikes on Daytona Beach


Rhett asked: Can I ride my bicycle anywhere on the sand of Daytona Beach?


I can find no prohibition to riding on the sand on Daytona Beach. Normally, when bike operators are restricted, signage will be posted. To be sure, I suggest asking your police department the same question. You might also ask the folks at the bike rentals.

These are some of the bicycle related requirements of local ordinances for Daytona Beach.

Sec. 94-83. – Cycles, skates and other toy vehicles.

No person shall be upon, ride or otherwise operate any bicycle, tricycle, skates, skateboard, coaster or any other toy vehicle upon or over the boardwalk surface. This prohibition does not apply to commercial pedicabs.


Sec. 94-253. – Operation on sidewalks.

(a) No bicycle shall be operated upon any public sidewalk in a business district as defined in F.S. § 316.003.

(b) Bicycles may be operated upon any public sidewalk in a residential district as defined in F.S. § 316.003. Any bicycle operated on a public sidewalk within a residential district shall be operated in a prudent manner, and no bicycle shall travel abreast or parallel to another bicycle on the sidewalk. Pedestrians upon the sidewalk and vehicles upon the sidewalks which are intersecting with the sidewalk while traveling upon rights-of-way, alleys, or driveways shall have the primary right-of-way upon the sidewalks, and bicycles shall yield the right-of-way to the pedestrians and vehicles.


3 comments on “Bikes on Daytona Beach
  1. Rob Walsh says:

    Bicycles are allowed on all 51 miles of beaches in Volusia County (Daytona Beach is in Volusia County), although the very north and south ends of the county the sand is too soft to peddle a bike through. You can also ride at night when the beach is closed to vehicles. Bikes and pedestrians are allowed access 24/7/365.

  2. Dave Taylor says:

    Can I ride my 3 wheeled bicycle on the beaches of Daytona Beach, Fl. ? Thanks.

  3. Eugene Mobley says:

    So is that a yes or no

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