Driver or Pedestrian?


Michele asked: Are bicyclists required to ride in the lane the same direction as the traffic or do they ride in the lane facing traffic as a pedestrian does?


Bicyclists are operating vehicles and are required to follow the same rules as other drivers when in the roadway.

s. 316.2065Bicycle Regulations

(1) Every person propelling a vehicle by human power has all of the rights and all of the duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle

When on a sidewalk, bicyclists follow pedestrian rules.

(9) A person propelling a vehicle by human power upon and along a sidewalk, or across a roadway upon and along a crosswalk, has all the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian under the same circumstances.

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  1. My friend and her husband got hit by a woman in a car, while they were on their bikes in a crosswalk. No one was injured but their bikes got messed up. The woman who hit them, called the law and my friend and her husband were told they would be ticketed for going the wrong way in the cross walk if they were to press charges against the woman. Obviously being they were in a crosswalk there is no right or wrong way, so was the woman who hit them in the wrong?

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