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Dolores asked: Do you have to have a registered license plate for a bicycle in order to ride on streets or highways in the state of Florida?


There is no state requirement to register, obtain a license tag or have a driver’s license to operate a bicycle in Florida. You should insure that you know the requirements of your community though, since there could be a local ordinance that regulates bicycle operation. An example is this from Daytona Beach.

Sec. 94-287. – Issuance of sticker; display.

At the time of issuance of a license as provided in section 94-285, the police department shall also issue a registration sticker which shall be affixed to the rear of the frame of the licensed bicycle in a conspicuous place and shall remain so affixed while the bicycle is operated upon any public right-of-way within the city.

You can check your local ordinances by searching the Muni Codes for your community. For example: Muni codes Daytona Beach FL.

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  1. Geo, The statement “You should insure that you know the requirements…” should read “You should ensure that you know the requirements…”

  2. How can i get a legal florida tag for my bicycle
    I don’t have a license that’s why i ride a bicycle.
    However i went to the scrap yard to try and get some much needed extra money. But was turned away because my bike doesn’t have a tag like cars and trucks do. I had my florida state ID. But because i wasn’t there in a vehicle with a tag they would only allow me to scrap aluminium cans! Which i had none!! So i was turned away because i didn’t have a tag!!!

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