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Robert asked: I have a moped. I’ve installed a flashing red 3″ light on the rear. Is this illegal? if so, would the solid light be too. It does both.


The use of a flashing light on a moped is not lawful, but it is permitted on a bicycle.

s. 316.2397Certain Lights Prohibited; Exceptions

(7) Flashing lights are prohibited on vehicles except:

(c) For the lamps authorized under subsections …. s. 316.2065 (Bicycle Regulations)…. which may flash.

There are exceptions, none of which apply to mopeds.

The lighting requirements for mopeds are found in federal regulations, and are beyond the scope of this site.

s. 316.46 – Equipment Regulations for Mopeds

No person shall operate a moped that does not conform to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards relating to lights and safety and other equipment contained in Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations

I suggest contacting a moped dealer or law enforcement for those requirements.

Other information about mopeds can be found in this post:


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  1. I have received word from a colleague at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s research center in McLean, Virginia, that NHTSA is investigating the adverse impacts of flashing LED lights on drivers. The primary concern is emergency vehicles. They had been using rotating lights and incandescent flashing lights, but now use flashing LEDs, which switch on and off much “sharper” than the old incandescents. Apparently, a surprising number of people are having epilepsy-type reactions to the bright, sharp, flashing lights, usually at night. Advertising lights and–are you ready–bicycle lights are also being looked into.

    While emergency vehicle lights may be “softened” so their on/off cycle has a gradual phase-in/phase-out function that lasts a few milliseconds, keep an eye out for any possible recommendation that “unnecessary” flashing roadway LEDS like display signs, flashing brake lights on motorcycles and trailers and bicycle lights be discouraged through state regulation.

    It is unknown yet if the problem is all flashing lights or just colored lights.

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