Police Stop


Solomon asked: Is it appropriate for police to stop a rider and ask questions about his identity and his bike? He received a code word ” Item 51″ from the dispatcher on radio after asking me all sorts of questions for about 15 minutes (Or was he looking for a stolen bike?). Does anyone know what “Item 51” stands for?


Under certain circumstances, an officer can detain someone if he or she reasonably believes a crime has been committed. I don’t know what “item 51” means.

s. 901.151Stop and Frisk Law

(1)This section may be known and cited as the “Florida Stop and Frisk Law.”

(2)Whenever any law enforcement officer of this state encounters any person under circumstances which reasonably indicate that such person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a violation of the criminal laws of this state or the criminal ordinances of any municipality or county, the officer may temporarily detain such person for the purpose of ascertaining the identity of the person temporarily detained and the circumstances surrounding the person’s presence abroad which led the officer to believe that the person had committed, was committing, or was about to commit a criminal offense.

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